We're eager to help companies develop in-house expertise, hire our talented students, and benefit from valuable partnerships.

Provide learning opportunities 

Build the knowledge and skills of your in-house talent by partnering with our faculty. Our faculty can customize continuing education seminars for your organization's specific needs. Additionally, we've partnered with industry over many years to conduct applied learning projects. These projects generate from a need within the partner organization. 

Support research to enhance practice

Improve your organization's practices and strategies and the industry by studying the data collected as part of your daily operations with our world-renowned research faculty.

Attend an event

Our department events bring together our inspired community of faculty, scholars, and industry partners to share and create transformational knowledge in the field.

Recruit top student talent at our annual career fair.

Join the Co-Curricular Learning Board

CCLB members add to their corporate reputation while investing in the industry’s future human capital. Members partner with the department to organize and implement large-scale student activities.

Present to the Actuarial and RMI Society Clubs 

Our Risk Management and Insurance Society student club is the oldest student club in risk management and insurance in the country. The Actuarial Club is not far behind. A mainstay activity for each club is participation in industry presentations that cover current events and other professional topics.

Contact Us

To partner with us or get involved in any of these opportunities, email the Risk and Insurance department chair, joan.schmit@wisc.edu.