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Ask an Expert: How Can Governments Do Better With Green Tech Policy?

March 26, 2021

How are governments faring when it comes to creating green technology policy? WSB's Cheng He weighs in on some of the challenges governments face with consumers and sustainable products.

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Ask an Expert: With Changed Support Structures, How Are Parents Handling COVID-19?

January 26, 2021

WSB's Amber Epp discusses the impact of COVID-19 on support structures for parents, drawing from her research on outsourcing parenthood.

Walking Around Like They Own the Place…and Caring For It Too

November 13, 2020

You may feel like that nature trail you run every week is "yours." That's great, says WSB's Joann Peck, because you'll take better care of it. Her new study on stewardship and public spaces suggests that even small interventions can produce big results.

How Is Consumer Behavior Changing Due to COVID-19? WSB Faculty Respond

November 4, 2020

From houseplants to haircutting shears, curbside pickups to patio dining, the COVID-19 crisis has altered not just what consumers are buying, but how they are buying it.

New WSB Faculty: Meet Assistant Professor Cheng He

October 16, 2020

WSB’s Department of Marketing welcomes new faculty member Cheng He.

Football, Big Data, and the Nature of Cheating: A Q&A with WSB’s Evan Polman and Paul Hoban

October 7, 2020

No one likes a cheater, as the saying goes, but we’d love to know what makes them tick. A new study by WSB's Evan Polman and Paul Hoban examined unethical behavior against the backdrop of professional football.

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