Business has changed, but our commitment to our community hasn't.

April 30, 2020 | By Wisconsin School of Business | Back to news

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives, from health care to higher education. This multifaceted crisis requires multifaceted action. Faculty at the Wisconsin School of Business responded quickly and continue to make an impact, sharing expertise to help address critical issues in supply chain, human resources, small business survival, and more.

Today’s environment calls for the best and brightest to advance business. Our resolute commitment to our students provides opportunities and initiatives to support an uncertain economy with forward-thinking approaches and collaborative action. We engage students in the challenges of the day and prepare them to become the well-rounded decision-makers and problem solvers business requires.


Faculty Collaborate With Corporations and the Community

In this time of change, our faculty researchers provide expert direction on current local and global business needs.

Helping Shape Public Policy with New Insurance Experts Panel

WSB faculty are leading a timely new initiative to help inform major public policy issues affecting the insurance industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 54-member panel includes economists, risk management and insurance academics, actuaries, and legal scholars from research universities.

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Exploring COVID-19 and Workplace Disruptions

WSB management and human resources faculty shared their expertise in a recent live panel discussion with Wall Street Journal reporter Lauren Weber.

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Finding PPE Supply Chain Solutions

The pandemic has pushed supply chain to the forefront of global discussions. Gregory DeCroix, professor of operations and information management, and Pete Lukszys, a WSB senior lecturer, have helped hospitals and private industry respond to PPE shortages through several innovative collaborations.

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Discussing the Retail Landscape: A Q&A with WSB’s Hart Posen

Hart Posen

Retail has taken a huge hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Hart Posen sheds light on everything from brands on the brink of collapse to online grocery shopping to why there may be a burgeoning innovation happening among firms in this new retail landscape.

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Lending Expertise to Small Businesses

As the U.S. Small Business Administration calls on the Small Business Development Center network throughout the country, Wisconsin has stepped up in a big way. Michelle Somes-Booher, director of the Small Business Development Center, shares tools and resources to help small business owners prevail.

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Supporting Employees During a Crisis

Even in the best of times, being a manager is a frontline job. But with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, managers were in uncharted territory. Jirs Meuris, assistant professor of management and human resources, shared specific actions managers can take to support their employees during this time of uncertainty.

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WSB Faculty in the Media

Bloomberg Tax: Banks Turn Against Congress’s Virus Relief from Loan-Loss Rule

They probably took a letter from a bank lobbyist and said, ‘Let’s just do this.’ They’ve made a mess of it.

-Professor Terry Warfield

The Huffington Post: The Impact of Surviving Layoffs

There is an old adage that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Companies that have engaged in layoffs before are more likely to follow that path in the future.

-Professor Charlie Trevor

WTMJ radio: Some Retailers May Not Make it out of the Pandemic

It’s a once in a generation kind of effect on retail. I think it’s going to lead to substantial changes after it’s over.

-Professor Hart Posen


Enhanced Program Access To Meet Shifting Needs

We are nimbly adjusting timelines, deadlines, and other requirements—to be sure that top students have access to the best education for a changing world. And we have expanded virtual access to assure agile learning opportunities with substantial connection to faculty and staff expertise.


Individual Engagement and Career Support

Wisconsin has a distinct advantage: Faculty and staff are accessible and passionate about getting you to your goal. Connect with our career management team to learn how they help you define your career path, connect you with industry alumni and mentors, prepare you for the right interviews, and work with you to get that ideal career.


Elevated Resources for Alumni Support

Our alumni community is resilient and steps up to support each other in times of need. Leaning on your network and investing in your professional development is more important than ever. Our alumni resources include training, networking opportunities, and insights from the alumni community that you can access right from your home.

  • Our “Ask an Alum” series highlights business leaders from across the globe on how their organizations are responding to the pandemic.
  • Alumni Webinar Series brings WSB experts and instructors to you, addressing relevant issues and providing actionable insights that you can apply immediately.
  • Virtual Networking Chats broaden your network by connecting with alumni from around the globe.
  • The Alumni News Blog provides updates on training and volunteer opportunities, and alumni resources.