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Groundbreaking Entrepreneurship Science Lab Identifies, Fosters Student Entrepreneurs

February 26, 2021

WSB's Jon Eckhardt is at the helm of a new lab that mobilizes the entrepreneurial ecosystem by identifying the conditions that create student entrepreneurs.

Three students listen to an instructor in the Finance and Analytics Lab

Inside Entrepreneurship: Wisconsin School of Business Leads in Research and Startup Support

January 14, 2020

WSB provides the resources, education, and research to help young entrepreneurs succeed. "I like to think that the Wisconsin spirit is synonymous with the entrepreneurial spirit," says Dean Vallabh Sambamurthy.

WSB’s Jon Eckhardt Named Discovery Fellow at WID

July 25, 2019

Jon Eckhardt, whose research focuses on entrepreneurship, has a new five-year appointment as a Discovery Fellow.

Entrepreneurship on Campus: Using Data to Identify Emerging Entrepreneurs

January 28, 2019

What does the face of student entrepreneurship look like on U.S. college campuses? WSB Associate Professor Jon Eckhardt and Ph.D. student Bekhzod Khoshimov are using data to identify this invisible demographic, and to help universities learn more about entrepreneurship in the process. This is the first post in a series.

The UW-Madison crest appears on a flag waving in the wind.

Business Badgers Make a Splash at Early Stage Symposium

November 27, 2018

WSB students, alumni, and board members contributed to the Wisconsin Technology Council's Early Stage Symposium as featured speakers, panelists, and award winners.

WSB's Jon Eckhardt Extended as Schulze Distinguished Professor

September 13, 2018

Jon Eckhardt, executive director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship, will continue as a Schulze Distinguished Professor and has been named editor in chief of the online entrepreneurship publication, Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX).

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