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Together We Can Transform the World

For more than a century, Business Badgers have left indelible marks on their companies, industries, and communities—and the world is taking notice. Now, we have the opportunity to strengthen our collective impact by redefining the bounds of business education. Together, we can help new generations of Business Badgers excel, so that they can address business challenges, inspire leadership, and improve lives.

The World Needs More Business Badgers

The students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the Wisconsin School of Business are generating game-changing ideas and demonstrating leadership where it counts.

Today, private support is crucial to sustaining WSB's positive impact on the world. With your gift, we can educate and inspire the business leaders of tomorrow by expanding our capacity to:

  • Attract and provide scholarships for the next generation of talented, hard-working, passionate Business Badgers
  • Integrate and scale the best of our learning experiences to provide deep, challenging student experiences that prepare our graduates well beyond their first jobs
  • Recruit collaborative, innovative faculty who incorporate leading research into student learning
  • Reach across disciplines to foster innovation and to develop ideas and leaders that will make positive impacts on the world

Together, we will build opportunities to attract, guide, and challenge Business Badgers who will lead our industries, organizations, and communities for the next 167 years.

Alumni Involvement Enhances the Student Experience

Gifts from alumni and friends enable students to take part in unique courses, organizations, and opportunities to enhance their career. Your support helps us build an integrated educational experience that will stay with our Business Badgers well beyond their first jobs.

Investing in the Business Badgers of Tomorrow

The Wisconsin School of Business is always reaching for new and better ways to challenge and inspire students to unleash their full potential.

Four key areas of investment will enable us to build more opportunities for students, faculty, and the business community, fostering tomorrow’s proud alumni. Your support of the All Ways Forward campaign will help us expand the boundaries of what’s possible—for our students, and for the world.

Student Support

Providing Student Support

We will attract the best and brightest students, and ensure that they can attend and enrich the Wisconsin School of Business, regardless of financial means or background.

Educational Experience

Improving the Educational Experience

We provide a student experience that lasts a lifetime. Our students gain more than intellectual growth; they thrive with opportunities to test their ideas in a collaborative environment.

Faculty Excellence

Maintaining Faculty Excellence

We must attract and retain faculty who inspire students within—and beyond—the classroom. Renowned faculty members invite great students, research grants, and business partnerships to advance our university.

Supporting Research and Innovation

Supporting Research and Innovation

We can ignite innovation and entrepreneurship in Wisconsin and beyond. The world needs inspired leaders with the skills to open new avenues for progress.

Vanessa Mariscal

A New Chapter Begins

Student Support Removes Barriers

Vanessa Mariscal (BBA ’16) remembers the moment she knew she wanted to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She and her parents had just toured campus and met students who were engaged in many activities beyond the classroom. Their ambition made an impression on her. “We were standing in one of the gardens on campus, and I just fell in love,” says Mariscal, grinning at the memory. “I turned to my parents and said, 'I need to come here!'”

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Zach Roberts

A Compass for Success

Educational Experience for the Real World

From the day he arrived at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Zach Roberts (BBA ’15), a first-generation college student, soaked up as many different learning experiences—on campus and beyond—as he could. As an undergraduate business major, Roberts was involved with community service, tutoring, and peer mentoring. He believes these experiences, along with his coursework, helped him find what he's passionate about. “Getting outside your comfort zone—that's how you learn who you are, what gets you excited," he says.

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Randall Wright

Shedding Light on the Economy

Faculty Excellence Fosters Learning

Most economists don't debate the purpose of money. But Randall Wright, the Wisconsin School of Business's Professor of Liquid Assets, isn't like most economists. A thought leader in his field, Wright is known for breaking complex issues into simple terms, using pizza and beer to explain intricate sets of equations.

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Katie Brenner

A Bootcamp for Business Ideas

WSB Program Supports Research and Innovation

Facing a personal health challenge brought Katie Brenner to a big idea with life-changing potential. Before she became pregnant with two of her three children, Brenner, a post-doctoral fellow in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, struggled with infertility. To improve her odds, she knew it was important to track her hormonal levels day to day, yet the information she was able to obtain using expensive over-the-counter ovulation tests was sorely limited...

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Together Forward

With your support, we can educate and inspire the Business Badgers of tomorrow, preparing them to lead our industries, organizations, and communities for the next 167 years.


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