You are eligible to apply to the Certificate in Business program if you

  • Are a currently enrolled undergraduate student at UW-Madison
  • Are pursuing a non-business degree
  • Have completed a minimum of 54 degree credits at the time of application (junior standing)
  • Have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. (This GPA does not guarantee admission to the CIB program.)
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 GPA credits. (Transfer students must complete a minimum of 12 credits at UW–Madison.)

If a student chooses to take CIB courses before being admitted, the courses will fulfill requirements after admission.

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Applications are accepted from the 1st Friday of classes through the 4th Friday of classes of the Fall semester. If you have questions, contact the BBA Advising Center at
Or call 608-262-0471.

Application Process

Eligible students may apply between the first and fourth Friday of the Fall term. You will be notified of acceptance in time to register for courses the following semester.

With your application, you will submit an essay (500 word maximum) that fully and reflectively addresses this prompt:

“Please provide a detailed description of how the Certificate in Business will enable you to more completely fulfill your goals, both educational and professional. Be specific regarding how the Certificate in Business will be integrated with your current program, school, and/or major.”

Admission decisions are based primarily on your cumulative UW-Madison GPA and fit for the program based on your essay. All admission decisions are final and there is no appeal process for denied students.

Admitted students will be charged a $150 tuition differential per semester until degree completion/graduation. The tuition differential provides access to all Wisconsin School of Business resources, including career and academic advisors within the BBA Program.