Program Overview

The Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals provides basic business education to students pursuing majors outside of the Wisconsin School of Business. The 12-credit certificate is designed to be completed over multiple summer terms with in-person and online course options, making it a more flexible option if you are seeking fundamental business knowledge. Knowledge gained through the Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals aims to better prepare you for business-related careers upon graduation.

How to Get In

The Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals is not open to students declared in a major in the School of Business. To declare, you must have completed 12 credits in residence at UW-Madison and have earned a minimum GPA of 2.75.

To declare the certificate, visit the Academic Forms page and complete the Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals declaration form.

Program Requirements

9 of the 12 required credits must be taken in-residence (UW–Madison on-campus, study abroad, or distance courses).

Certificate Completion Requirement
This undergraduate certificate must be completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree. You cannot delay degree completion to complete the certificate.

Required Courses

Select one of the following:
Students are strongly encouraged to take ACCT IS 300, unless ACCT IS 100 is required by their major.

Code Title Credits
ACCT IS 300 Accounting Principles 3
ACCT IS 100 Introductory Financial Accounting 3

Select three of the following:

Code Title Credits
FINANCE/ECON 300 Introduction to Finance 3
MARKETING 300 Marketing Management 3
MHR 300 Managing Organizations 3
OTM 300 Operations Management 3
RMI 300 Principles of Risk Management 3