The Certificate in Strategic Innovation allows you to customize your certificate based on your interests and career goals. In addition to earning 12 credits, you are encouraged to participate in related non-credit innovation immersion experiences via competitions.

The required foundation course MHR 715 - Strategic Management of Innovation has no prerequisites and is open to all graduate students in a degree-seeking program at UW-Madison. In addition to MHR 715, you must earn at least 3 credits from the Advanced Innovation Business Courses below and up to six credits of additional advanced entrepreneurship or elective coursework.

Note: You may not use the same advanced business course to acquire two certificates (i.e. MHR 715 - Strategic Management of Innovation, MHR 722 - Entrepreneurial Management, and MHR 741 - Technology Entrepreneurship cannot be counted for more than one certificate).

Note: Courses may not be taken pass/fail. 

For examples of how you might customize your certificate, review some sample portfolios.

Required Foundation Course (3 credits)

  • MHR 715 Strategic Management of Innovation (Spring)

Advanced Innovation Business Courses (at least 3 credits)

  • MKT 737 Developing Breakthrough New Products Practicum (Spring)
  • OTM 860 Planning for Quality in New Services and Products (Odd years)
  • MHR 722 Entrepreneurial Management (Fall/Spring)
  • MHR 741 Technology Entrepreneurship (Spring, prior to Fall 2011 was MHR765)
  • RMI 650 Sustainability, Environmental and Social Risk Management (Fall)

Elective Coursework

Up to 6 credits of electives can be counted toward the 12 required certificate credits.


  • ACCT IS 300/765* Accounting Principles/Financial Accounting (*restricted access-previously offered as ACCT IS 700)
  • GEN BUS 701 Managing the Legal Environment
  • MHR 704 Managing Behavior in Organizations
  • MHR 705 Human Resource Management
  • MHR 765* / MHR723 Business Strategy (*restricted access)
  • MKT 300/MKT 765* Marketing Management (*restricted access-previously offered as MKT 700)
  • MHR 977 Emerging Entrepreneurship Technology
  • OTM 758 Managing Technological & Organizational Change


  • LAW 751 Patent Law
  • LAW 752 Copyright Law
  • LAW 753 Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
  • LAW 854 Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship
  • LAW 918 Selected Problems International Law-Seminar
  • LAW 953 Bus Org Sem: Law & Entrepreneurship

College of Letters & Sciences

  • COMP SCI 638 Starting a Software Company
  • COMP SCI 838 Human Computer Interaction
  • LIS 603 Research and Evaluation Methods (previously offered as LIS 710)
  • LIS 732 Strategic Information Services (previously titled: Corporate and Specialized Information Services)

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

  • AAE/MHR 540 Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Technology
  • AAE 706 Applied Risk Analysis
  • AAE 875 Economics of Technology
  • LSC 435: Theory & Practice of Integrated Marketing Communication
  • LSC 625: Risk Communication
  • LSC 902: Public Opinion of Life Science Issues
  • STS 901 Science, Tech, and Medicine in Society


  • BME/IE 662 Design and Human Disability and Aging
  • ME 549 Product Design
  • ISYE 671/OTM671/INFO SYS 671 E-Business: Technologies, Strategies, and Applications
  • ISYE 691 Innovation Science
  • ISYE 961 Research and Design in Home Care
  • ME 349 Engineering Design Projects
  • NE/ISYE 708 Societal Risk Management of Technological Hazards
  • INTEREGR 601 Process Innovation: Concept-Select-Commercialize