The Wisconsin Ph.D. Program is academically rigorous, yet it is delivered within the context of a collaborative, engaged community. As a doctoral student at the Wisconsin School of Business, you will work one on one with globally recognized faculty and explore groundbreaking ideas with both faculty and fellow students.

The extraordinary learning community at the Wisconsin School of Business fosters the kind of collaborative inquiry that results in academic excellence. Through its knowledge centers and other initiatives, the School also fosters and maintains relationships with a tight-knit community of alumni and other corporate partners.

Advising Program

Throughout your academic experience, you will receive guidance from a faculty advisor. Each entering Ph.D. student is assigned a general advisor from the major department. This faculty member consults with the student on program requirements, course selection, and the development of an appropriate degree plan.

Ph.D. students are encouraged to network with a variety of faculty members in the major department. This will inform the student’s selection (with the concurrence of the department) of an appropriate faculty advisor to supervise the dissertation.

The close working relationship between a doctoral student and his or her dissertation advisor is crucial to the student’s success—both in completing the dissertation and identifying possible tenure-track positions upon graduation. Through these relationships with Ph.D. candidates, faculty members develop the next generation of leading business scholars. It is a responsibility they take very seriously.