Research Resources

The Wisconsin School of Business provides the comprehensive research resources you would expect to find at one of the leading research universities in the nation.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison library system features one of the largest collections in North America. Graduate students are served by the Memorial Library, the largest library in Wisconsin, as well as various subject, professional, and special-purpose libraries.

The Wisconsin Research Data Center provides access to highly sensitive data from the Census Bureau and other federal government agencies. This resource for statistical research is available only at selected universities. Doctoral students in business also have access to the Behavioral Research Insights through Experiments (BRITE) Lab, a state-of-the-art facility for laboratory data collection for business, consumer science, and other social sciences.

Numerous research centers and off-campus research affiliates also support the development and dissemination of knowledge on the UW–Madison campus.

Teaching Resources

A successful academic career in a leading research institution requires excellence in both research and teaching. A variety of workshops, networking events, and online resources are available to help you develop your classroom teaching skills and explore the latest trends in teaching with mentors and peers.

There are many professional development opportunities available to you as a doctoral student.

  • The UW–Madison Collaborative for Advancing Learning and Teaching provides opportunities for cross-campus collaboration, strategic approaches to campus teaching and learning, integrated professional development for faculty, staff, and graduate students, and more.
  • The Delta Program in Research, Teaching, and Learning promotes effective teaching practices among future and current faculty by fostering learning communities in four areas: teaching as research, the academic career, learning through diversity, and effective use of technology. Although the focus is on developing a national science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty, the program offers many useful resources for graduate students in the business disciplines as well.
  • My Professional Development, a service of UW–Madison, offers a calendar of professional development opportunities for graduate students and others.
  • The UW–Madison Teaching Academy brings together faculty, instructional staff, and graduate students to promote, recognize, and support teaching excellence. In addition to offering professional development events, the academy creates opportunities for members of the teaching and learning community to connect with each other and exchange ideas.

Graduate students who take advantage of these programs report that professional development makes them more impactful and efficient in their teaching, which, in turn, affords them more time for research, outreach, and scholarship.

The Business Learning Commons, located in Grainger Hall

The Business Learning Commons, located in Grainger Hall, supports scholarly inquiry and communication with a collection of research guides, business databases, online tutorials, reference services, and more. Students have access to a broad selection of databases that support research in the business disciplines.