Academic departments within the Wisconsin School of Business make every effort to fund Ph.D. students admitted to the program. Typically, the monthly stipend will be compensation for a teaching or project assistant position. Applicants with strong potential for achievement in an academic setting may also be awarded scholarships or fellowships.

All applicants are automatically considered for funding packages. Details on the financial award package offered to each student will be provided with the admission offer.

A Competitive Funding Package

The Wisconsin Ph.D. Program in business offers a full funding package to virtually all admitted students. This package typically includes the following:

  • Full tuition remission
  • Monthly stipend
  • Comprehensive family health insurance plan

In addition, departments may offer the following:

  • Summer teaching, research appointments, or other forms of scholarship support to supplement the academic year package
  • Funding for research presentations at major conferences

In general, students are guaranteed four academic years of financial support. Packages may vary from year to year and from department to department. Funding for the student’s fifth year is usually available as long as the student is making progress toward degree completion.

Family Considerations

The Wisconsin School of Business believes that support for the student’s family is important to that student's success in a doctoral program. As part of the financial award package, we offer a comprehensive health insurance plan for Ph.D. students and their eligible dependents.

Spouses of U.S. citizens may enroll in a graduate program or find employment in the Madison area while their spouse is in graduate school. (International spouses are usually not allowed to work in the United States due to visa restrictions.)

Student Loans

Domestic students who wish to apply for student loans should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.