The Wisconsin PhD Program in business consistently achieves a 100 percent placement rate. Our graduates land positions at leading research universities in the nation and the world.

Following is a list of representative placements by discipline in tenure-track positions.

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  • Accounting and Information Systems
    2020 Benjamin Osswald University of Illinois
    2020 Clay Partridge University of California - Davis
    2020 Kimberly Walker Virginia Tech
    2020 Erika Wheeler Southern Methodist University
    2019 Dimitri Yatsenko University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    2018 Abe Carr Creighton University
    2018 Zachary Kowaleski University of Notre Dame
    2017 Eric Condie Georgia Institute of Technology
    2017 Amy Tegeler University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
    2016 Matthew Kaufman Portland State University
    2016 Kara Obermire Oregon State University
    2016 Xiao Xiao Peking University
    2015 Amanda Convery University of Delaware
    2015 Sean Dennis University of Kentucky
    2015 Patrick Hurley Northeastern University
  • Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Insurance
    2020 Chenyuan Liu Tsinghua University
    2020 Nii Okine Appalachian State University
    2019 Kenny Wunder University of Alabama
    2018 Anastasia Ivantsova University of Calgary
    2018 Kyeonghee Kim Florida State University
    2017 Douglas Bujakowski Drake University
    2017 Gee Yul Lee Michigan State University
  • Finance, Investment, and Banking
    2020 Kuan Liu University of Arkansas
  • Finance (Business) and Economics—Joint Degree
    2018 Adam Spencer University of Nottingham
    2017 Kyle Dempsey Ohio State University
  • Management and Human Resources
    2020 Bukky Akinsanmi University of Texas - Austin
    2020 Zhi Cao University of Nevada - Las Vegas
    2019 Seo-Young Byun Ball State University
    2018 Shannon Younger Texas Christian University
    2016 Joe Raffiee-Shira University of Southern California
    2016 Tiffany Trzebiatowski University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    2015 Paul Davis Cornell University
    2015 Jie “Jasmine” Feng Rutgers University
  • Marketing
    2020 Anil Isisag Emlyon Business School
    2020 Zoe Lu Tulane University
    2020 Rusty Stough University of Maine
    2019 Ankita Kumar Bucknell University
    2019 Bowen Ruan University of Iowa
    2019 Min Tian Ohio State University
    2018 Meredith Thomas Florida State University
    2016 Andrea Luangrath University of Iowa
  • Operations and Information Management
    2020 Mohamad Soltani University of Alberta
    2018 Jungwon Kuem University at Albany - SUNY
    2016 Keehyung Kim Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Real Estate and Urban Land Economics

    Recent graduates of this program have chosen non-academic positions, which the Wisconsin School of Business does not report.