The Master of Arts-Business: Arts and Creative Enterprise Leadership Program gives you the opportunity to earn a master’s degree fusing business and cultural practice and receive paid work or project development funding. The program helps you build your professional network while you develop the strategic skills to lead.


The program requires completion of 30 credits: 18 credits of required courses and 12 elective credits.

Required Courses

  1. MHR 773 Arts Seminar and MHR 774 Arts Seminar  (6 credits in total) or MHR 632 Intro to Arts Eship and MHR 636 Eship in Arts and Cultural Organizations (6 credits in total)             
  2. MHR 723 Business Strategy (3 credits)
  3. MHR 742 and 743 Nonprofit Board Leadership I and II (2 credits in fall, 1 credit in spring; 3 credits in total)
  4. MHR 746 and 747 Impact Consulting for Arts based Organizations and Communities I and II (3 credits in fall, 2 credits in spring; 5 credits in total)
  5.  MHR 799 Applied Learning Projects (1 credit)

Sampling of Elective Courses

  1. ACCT 710 Managerial Accounting
  2. MHR 728 Bargaining, Negotiating, and Dispute Settlement for Managers
  3. MKT 715 Marketing Communications
  4. MHR 722 Entrepreneurial Management
  5. URB R PL 617 Community Development
  6. CSCS 460 Civil Society and Community Leadership
  7. PUB AFFR 820 Community Economic Analysis