The following estimates will help you plan for your semester in the Wisconsin Global Real Estate Master (MS) Program. Please note these are living expense estimates for the 2019-2020 year. The amount may increase each year and is subject to change without notice.

Please keep in mind that U.S. immigration law requires international students to provide documentation that shows they will be able to pay for all tuition and living expenses during their studies at UW–Madison. To meet this requirement, we will provide you with a financial affidavit form to complete and submit.

Additionally, to ensure you’ll have health care if you need it, UW–Madison requires that all international students on nonimmigrant visas enroll in the university's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), included in the chart below. Visit the Student Health Insurance Plan site for more information, including enrollment forms, rates, and waiver guidelines

Student Expenses (2019-2020 Academic Year)

Tuition, Fees, Expenses

Tuition* $2,305.14 GREM August orientation (1 credit)
$21,640.00 GREM semester courses (15 credits)
Segregated Fees* $641.04 GREM August orientation
$641.04 GREM semester
Food and housing (6 months) $6,750.00
Incidentals (clothing, transportation, personal items) $2,175.00
Books and supplies $600.00
One-time fees $65.00 Official document fee (this allows you to receive an unlimited number of transcripts)
$81.00 International student fee
Mandatory health insurance (SHIP - 6 months) $672.00 for students age 25 and under
$936.00 for students age 26 and above

$35,570.32 for students age 25 and under
$35,834.22 for students age 26 and above

* Tuition and fees may change, and are set annually by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System in the summer prior to the start of the fall semester.

Additional Expenses for Students with Children/Dependents

Family Expenses Age 25 and Under* Age 26 and Above*
Spouse living expenses $2,875.00 $2875.00
Each child's living expenses $3,925.00 $3,925.00
Additional mandatory insurance for spouse/partner $1,494.00 $1,602.00
Additional mandatory insurance for one child $1,308.00 $1,404.00
Additional mandatory family insurance coverage (required for those with more than one dependent) $2,772.00 $2,994.00