Important Dates

Late January (junior year): Admissions application due*

February: Interviews with faculty members

Early March: Admissions decisions announced

Following Finals: Interviews for internships

Early June: Internship placements announced

Spring Semester (senior year): Internships conducted

* The annual application deadline is the Friday of the first week of classes each spring semester. If you plan on studying abroad in the spring, you are asked to contact the department early in the fall of your junior year. Your application process will use an alternate timetable, with the application itself due the prior October.

Robert Loke

“The flexibility that the MAcc program provides is second to none. Through the program I was able to tailor my internship based on time of the year, practice, location, and company.”

—Rob Loke, BBA, MAcc


The IMAcc program at the Wisconsin School of Business is open to students who are currently enrolled in the Wisconsin BBA Program and pursuing an accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. You must be currently enrolled in or have completed Intermediate Financial Accounting I to apply for the IMAcc program. Students in the IMAcc program may complete select graduate accounting course requirements during their undergraduate studies. A maximum of six credits may be applied to the 30-credit graduate degree requirement, as long as those credits were not already used to achieve the 120 credits required to earn your BBA. In this circumstance, you must complete a minimum of 24 credits during the graduate year.

The program may accept high school students who come to UW–Madison with the intention of pursuing the Master of Accountancy degree, but they must be accepted by UW–Madison and the Wisconsin School of Business before entering the IMAcc program.

Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in something other than accounting, at any institution, may wish to consider the Graduate Master of Accountancy (GMAcc) program.

How We Decide

When considering applications to the IMAcc program, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Academic excellence, including an academic profile that will lead to graduate school admission
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills
  • Professionalism
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the profession and why it is a good fit for you

The admissions committee places some emphasis on a student’s involvement in activities outside the classroom, as those activities help develop the personal and professional characteristics that will support academic and career success.

Class Profile


Average GPA in Accounting Courses
IMAcc 2018 graduating class


Average undergraduate GPA
IMAcc 2018 graduating class

Application Process

The application process to the IMAcc program has two parts.

Apply to the IMAcc Program

You will receive an email with a link to the IMAcc Program application around January 1 of your junior year, and applications are due late January. If you plan to study abroad, please apply during the prior October, following the IMAcc Information Session.

Apply to the Graduate Program

Following your admission to the program as an IMAcc candidate and at the start of your senior year, you will complete a separate, online application  for the graduate-level MAcc degree program. This application process requires you to complete a summer ethics writing assignment and report your academic performance in accounting courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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