The Integrated Master of Accountancy (IMAcc) is a 30-credit program that adds a fifth year of graduate study to the undergraduate accounting curriculum at the Wisconsin School of Business. Students graduate with both a BBA degree in accounting and a Master of Accountancy degree. The program is open to undergraduates majoring in accounting at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The program provides a comprehensive set of technical and professional skills, including preparation in ethics and professionalism. A challenging internship with leading industry organizations during the senior year adds relevant experience.

This distinctive approach has resulted in consistent success rates for the Master of Accountancy degree program at the Wisconsin School of Business, including a ranking in the top five in the U.S. for CPA exam pass rates (2015 Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination, NASBA), and a 100 percent placement rate within three months of graduation.

Get an Early Start on Your Academic Plan

The Wisconsin IMAcc program takes an integrated approach to your preparation to become a business professional. The curriculum builds upon your undergraduate accounting coursework, adding graduate-level preparation for an accounting career while also qualifying you to sit for the CPA exam.

As a student in the IMAcc program, you will have access to MAcc program information and advising throughout your years at the Wisconsin School of Business. The director of the MAcc program will be available to you on a one-on-one basis to discuss admissions questions and provide academic advising. As a result, you’ll get all the help you need to map out an individual course plan, incorporating special considerations such as study abroad when necessary. You actually begin preparing for the IMAcc program during your junior year. With financial assistance and affordable tuition, adding a year to your accounting studies is an investment worth serious consideration.

Jiyu Zhou

“I find the design of the five-year curriculum very effective. The first four years have allowed me to learn the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ in the profession, build a strong foundation, and grow as an ethical business professional. The graduate year has helped me grasp the ‘why’ in the profession, connect everything I have learned, and go above and beyond.”

—Jiyu Zhou, BBA, MAcc

Beta Alpha Psi members visiting accounting firms in Chicago
Students in the Sigma Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi engage in a number of activities that deepen their understanding of the accounting profession. In addition to hosting professional meetings and other on-campus events, the Sigma Chapter makes on-site visits to the major accounting firms in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

Gain Real-World Experience

As a student in the IMAcc program at the Wisconsin School of Business, you will have the opportunity to be matched to a suitable public accounting firm or corporate employer for a paid internship. Internships are typically completed in the spring semester of the senior year. As this is the busiest time for the public accounting profession, you will accumulate an impressive body of experience in a relatively short period of time. The internship also builds your professional network, provides an income, and earns six credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Students who plan to study abroad or require flexibility for other reasons can make arrangements to complete their internship in the summer. We encourage study abroad as a way to complement and enhance your business education. If you plan to study abroad as a UW–Madison undergraduate, we ask that you apply to the IMAcc program early so that we can work with you on a degree plan. (Those who require the flexibility to complete an internship outside of the typical spring schedule usually take a paid summer internship without academic credit.)

A Focused Curriculum

The IMAcc degree is designed to build on the internship experience through an in-depth examination of accounting issues. Consisting of 30 credits, the curriculum includes a minimum of four graduate accounting course plus a minimum of four and maximum of six elective graduate courses in business areas outside of accounting.

IMAcc students complete the second year curriculum requirements for the Master of Accountancy degree.

Emphasis in Taxation

Students in the IMAcc program can choose an emphasis in taxation. This option focuses on deep knowledge within a variety of tax topics and provides the qualifications for a career in the tax discipline in public accounting or industry. The emphasis in taxation also requires completion of a minimum of two courses from the standard IMAcc curriculum plan, along with one business elective course.