The Master of Science-Business: Supply Chain Management provides a cross-functional education in core supply chain principles: plan, source, make, and deliver, and expert training to lead complex business transformation. The focused, one-year program offers an efficient way to enhance your undergraduate degree and differentiate yourself in the market.

The degree is offered on campus over two semesters of full-time coursework. You’ll apply what you learn to real-world experiences and have opportunities to explore various career paths through site visits, guest speakers, case competitions, and professional development activities.

Seth Gross (MS ’20) is gaining strategic skills with Wisconsin School of Business’ MS in Supply Chain Management. He’s learning about marketing, logistics, and sourcing while benefiting from a community invested in his success.


This program delivers a STEM-designated supply chain management master’s degree, using a multidisciplinary approach to blend science and technology to provide cross-functional skills and training. STEM designation also benefits international students and their ability to work in the United States upon graduation.

Leading-Edge Curriculum, Experiential Format, Global Exchange Program

The comprehensive degree covers topics from operations, marketing, analytics/ information management, to risk management—with curriculum informed and taught by industry experts and world-renowned faculty. The in-person format also explores career paths through site visits, guest speakers, case competitions, and other professional development activities.

Benefit from the same expertise that garnered Wisconsin’s MBA in supply chain management a top-10 ranking from Gartner in 2018.

MS students are eligible to participate in a global trip facilitated by the Grainger Center and have the opportunity to take part in a biannual exchange program in partnership with the University of Stavanger in Stavanger, Norway.

Jake Dean

“The Wisconsin School of Business has been teaching an end-to-end, customer-focused curriculum since 1991—before ‘supply chain management’ as we know it today even existed. We are a recognized curricular leader among the country’s best supply chain programs. Our faculty are experts, and we bolster classroom learning with significant exposure to supply chain industry leaders. This new master’s program was designed to build on that strong foundation and position program graduates to fill a growing skills gap.”

—Jake Dean
Director, Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management

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