Wisconsin Evening MBA classes are taught by faculty members who bring the latest research and cutting-edge business practices to the classroom. Students cite learning from exceptional faculty as one of the most rewarding experiences in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program.

Advancing Business Knowledge

Faculty members at the Wisconsin School of Business hold strategic leadership roles for corporations and government agencies, serving as outside consultants, board members, expert witnesses, and policy advisors. They also conduct and publish groundbreaking research that advances business theory and practice. These experiences inform their classroom teaching and enrich your education.

The curriculum also incorporates practitioners and guest speakers who bring valuable perspectives to the classroom.

Under the guidance of our world-class faculty, you will learn concepts that equip you to solve real business challenges, address organizational needs, and gain insights into an evolving global society.

Faculty Members on the Evening MBA Program

“I like helping Evening MBA students learn about ethics because their motivation and experience get them deeply engaged with our topics, while their jobs present opportunities for them to apply what they learn. The students bring in actual experiences from life and they take questions and insights from class back to work.”

—Rick Marolt
Management and Human Resources

“We gather a remarkable mix of accomplished faculty scholars and talented practitioners, along with a cohort of talented and ambitious students. People attend our programs because they want a world-class education that is forward thinking, but that is also relevant and responsive to issues that they bring from work into class and that they apply immediately. It’s a demanding but rewarding experience.”

—Donald Hausch
Operations and Information Management

“I enjoy the discussions that happen in my classes with the Evening MBA students, as they each bring a diversity of work experience and expertise to the table. That makes for a great learning environment for everyone in the classroom. I also love when students tell me that something they learned in class made an impact on their current job—for example, they were able to improve a process, answer a question, solve a problem, or propose a new solution. The fact that they are working while getting their MBA means that they can immediately implement some of the things they are learning in class.”

—Katie Krueger

“The students are so committed. Even with demanding careers and personal responsibilities, they still come to class prepared and ready to be challenged and to challenge. It makes for a stimulating environment, even if it does not end until 9:00 in the evening!”

—Davey Scoon
Adjunct Professor
Accounting and Information Systems

Rick Marolt
Donald Hausch
Katie Krueger
Davey Scoon

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