Students often cite our collaborative learning community as one of the distinctive advantages of the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program.

At the Wisconsin School of Business, you will join an extraordinary community of fellow students, faculty, alumni, and other business leaders. Our students are ambitious leaders who bring a diverse skill set; they are also eager to share resources and support each other’s success. There is a sense of communal purpose here that inspires us to progress together.

Teamwork and Collaboration

The team-based approach to learning is a perfect fit in our forward-thinking, collaborative culture. Team members engage in intensive academic work and case studies, building relationships in the process. Teams are re-formed annually to generate new perspectives and ideas.

Classroom interaction and other shared experiences provide opportunities to benefit from the diverse backgrounds and viewpoints within each cohort. Students also interact with peers from adjacent Evening MBA Program cohorts by participating in advanced electives in marketing and finance in the second and third years.

A Network of Driven Professionals

The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program provides networking opportunities to engage students in collective learning. Through scheduled events and informal interaction, you will build connections with MBA students from all Wisconsin programs, alumni, guest speakers, and other industry leaders.

Connect with a Peer Advisor

If you would like a personalized introduction to our learning community, you may participate in our peer advising program, which pairs a first-year student with a second- or third-year student. The peer advisor relationship provides an opportunity to ask questions, receive firsthand advice, and build a one-on-one relationship.

Marilu Wijdicks

“In the Evening MBA Program, I made connections with classmates from many different types of businesses and from professional backgrounds very different from my own. Understanding their experiences and being able to bounce ideas off of them was a big benefit from my perspective. I was able to take what I’d learned in the classroom that evening and bring it to back to my organization the next day and apply it.”

—Marilou Wijdicks, MBA
Lung Diagnostics Director, AstraZeneca