The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program meets for three academic years. It is designed for busy professionals, meeting two nights a week, making coursework available via tablets, and having students work collaboratively in groups to manage the workload. Each cohort enters the program, progresses through the curriculum, and graduates together.

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30 months with summer breaks
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Monday and Thursdays, 6:15–8:55 p.m.
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10-day international trip in June of second year

Considerations for Professionals Who Travel

If your current professional position requires travel, the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program may still work for you. Students are generally successful in the program if they can set their own travel schedule, complete all travel between Monday after class and Thursday before class, and participate in group or team projects while they are traveling. It is also advisable to get a commitment from one’s employer that travel obligations will not increase while the student is attending the Evening MBA Program.

Attendance Expectations

Due to the lockstep cohort format of the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, attendance at all classes is required. Students are also expected to participate in the global learning experience, which features a 10-day, in-country trip.

Curriculum in Overview

The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program is carefully sequenced to provide comprehensive preparation for general business management.

  • Year 1: Learn key leadership skills and business fundamentals.
  • Year 2: Develop your expertise across key functional areas, strengthen your focus in marketing or finance, and increase your understanding of global business issues.
  • Year 3: Explore advanced topics in functional areas and add focus with an advanced finance or marketing course.

Focus on Learning, Not on Logistics

Every aspect of the program, down to the smallest detail, is designed to help you succeed. We build in a variety of amenities that add convenience and save you time, including parking, refreshments, transportation from metro Milwaukee, and more. In short, we do everything we can to make the program accessible so you can get the most out of your educational experience.

Sign in front of Grainger Hall parking garage


There’s no need to worry about searching for a parking spot on campus. Parking permits are provided to students for use on class nights. Parking is available in the underground ramp at Grainger Hall, home of the Wisconsin School of Business.

Badger Coaches


Transportation to and from campus is provided from the metro Milwaukee area. A luxury coach equipped with comfortable seating and small meeting tables serves locations in downtown Milwaukee and Brookfield. Students use the time on the coach to study, discuss class material, relax, and socialize.

Program staff will also facilitate introductions for students who are traveling some distance and wish to carpool to campus. The program draws students from the Fox Valley, the Illinois/Wisconsin border, and other locations.

Refreshments table


Food and beverages are available during the break at every class session. You won’t have to plan for dinner before class. Arrangements are made to accommodate special dietary needs.

Dale Pangborn speaking with a student

Concierge Services

The program staff is on hand when classes meet and can be found just across the hall from your classroom. Staff members are available to answer questions and support your educational experience. Staff also help with travel arrangements for your international trip.

Fluno hotel room


Wisconsin Evening MBA students who need overnight accommodations can stay at the on-campus Fluno Center at discounted rates on specified class nights. A short walk from Grainger Hall, the Fluno Center also houses Smitty’s Study Pub, a popular place to relax, have a meal or snack, watch Badger sports, and network with students from the various Wisconsin MBA programs.