Jim Schadeberg

Jim Schadeberg

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Financial Analyst, Covance, Madison, WI

With a passion for business he’s held for years, Jim has spent the past few years putting his Bachelor of Business Education to good use as a financial analyst for Covance, a clinical research company in Madison. Jim decided to pursue an MBA for its versatile application to a wide variety of business careers and industries, and plans to use his degree to diversify his skill set so that he can run his own company one day.

Thanks to what I’m learning in the Wisconsin MBA program, I feel prepared to handle situations I’ve not yet encountered in my work. I started the program with a few years experience and have never managed employees before, so getting the higher-level management experience with the MBA has opened up doors at work. I’ve received guidance through the program for how to be an effective manager.

The professors are experts in their fields and have real-world experience. They’ve been in the business world and have done this work—many of them are still doing it as consultants. Getting that real-world experience from the professors gives us a perspective you can’t get anywhere else.

I’m so impressed by the caliber of students in the Wisconsin MBA program. If you look at the admissions requirements, you see that the program accepts a wide range of accomplished students, so you know you’re going to learn a good deal from one another. I definitely feel like that’s the case in the time that I’ve been in the program. The admissions standards are really important to building the culture of the program.

You can achieve a work-life balance while earning your MBA. I was lucky to get the support of my employer to pursue the MBA—I got their buy-in before I even applied—and knew I wasn’t going to get any less busy as I got older. Now is the time. Work will always be there, but I decided that the MBA was a priority and have found the time to make it work. With a little planning, I’ve found new ways to make time to see family and friends.