Ashley Sliter

Ashley Sliter

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Senior Financial Analyst, American Girl

The Wisconsin MBA was the right choice for Ashley, who advanced her career soon after beginning the program. Not only did the program help her secure a new job during her first semester, she’s gaining the skills and experience she needs to take her career to the next level.

I wanted to push my career forward. I had years of experience in multiple industries, and I was ready to focus in on my goals and be ready to move into upper management. I knew that an MBA would allow me to reach the director-level roles to which I aspire.

I experienced the benefits of the Wisconsin MBA right away. I had applied for a job at American Girl before starting my MBA, and I wasn’t even considered for the position. Once I began the MBA program, I applied to American Girl again and was offered a different position. I really believe the main reason I got my new job was because I was earning my MBA.

Every day I am able to apply new skills from my classes. For example, I learned so much in my accounting class with a professor who genuinely cared about us and our ability to understand accounting principles. I have a better understanding of company financials and in general I took a lot away from that class that I use daily in my job.

I learn so much from the other students in my cohort. It is a group with diverse backgrounds so I learn a lot from our discussions in and out of class. It is a real team. Everyone is willing to help each other out, and people are interested in what’s going on in your work and personal life. It’s like a small community that is helping you become a better version of yourself.

Don’t wait to apply for the Wisconsin MBA Program. The School considers many components of each application, not just one test or essay. They are looking for a diverse class, so everyone in the cohort can benefit from your experiences. Apply with confidence and be persistent. Don’t hesitate based on your background or how well you may have done on your tests. The program staff and admissions team go above and beyond to support your application and your success in the program.