Sam Harvey

Sam Harvey, Evening MBA '17

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2017
Current Job: Product Manager, Miller Electric Manufacturing Company

Like many students in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, Sam comes from a non-business background and found himself needing business knowledge to move into a new role. An industrial engineer by trade with experience in operations, Sam has made two leaps since starting at Wisconsin: He’s earned a promotion at work, moving into product management, and he’s started his own business.

I debated between full-time and part-time MBA programs. Once I made the decision to pursue a part-time MBA, Wisconsin was the only program I applied to. Its top ranking and world class faculty inspired me to enter the program and I’ve seen a direct return on my investment.

Since starting my MBA, I’ve been promoted to product manager. I’ve gained skills in accounting, financial management, risk management, and marketing that I can apply in my new role. Adding these strengths to my engineering background has given me versatility in the workplace and helped me to view challenges from multiple angles.

The Wisconsin School of Business community is helping me succeed. Driving from Appleton is a time commitment, but the people make my experience a joy. From the students to the faculty, staff, and alumni, everyone at WSB is welcoming and committed to helping everyone succeed. The program is challenging, but there is a great support system that helps you reach your potential as a student and a professional. I’m happy to make a longer trek to campus every week because I know the School is invested in me.

My classmates have exposed me to new industries and experiences. They come from diverse backgrounds and are open-minded and eager to tackle new problems. I’ve learned a lot from our classroom discussions and from networking with students outside of class. Classmates have especially helped me gain marketing expertise since I didn’t have a lot of knowledge in the area before attending the program.

In my third year in the program, I started a company with a classmate. Without the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, we never would have met. Now, we are establishing an LLC together and applying lessons from our classes to launch it.

My Wisconsin MBA gives me knowledge, confidence, and the flexibility to explore career options. I’m on a nice trajectory at work, am building a business, and have a diversified skill set that will allow me to work in numerous roles and industries in the future. The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program has helped me get to a new level in my career.