Kim Bruksch

Kim Bruksch, Evening MBA '18

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Program Coordinator at UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Kim wanted to change her career path and needed a stronger foundation in business to move forward. She recently relocated to Wisconsin to be close to family and switched industries from education programming to healthcare. Realizing her potential after the launch of a major initiative at her last job, Kim joined the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program to solidify her leadership skills and gain business acumen to make a greater impact at work and in the community.

The most valuable part of my Wisconsin MBA experience has been the relationships. We are introduced to a multitude of peer professionals—all with diverse backgrounds and expertise. This allows us to learn real lessons from people working in different industries, and see how they devise business strategies and combat challenges. Our courses are designed so we work together in teams, which helps us really get to know one another. Having the ability to trust and rely upon classmates really allows us to dive into our studies.

The coursework is engaging and opportunities for professional growth are abundant. The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program has a broad and deep network of experienced, dedicated leaders and instructors helping you get to the next professional level. “MBA” behind your name won’t make you a successful leader, but this program provides the knowledge and skills to become one.

Diversity, inclusion, and professionalism are key for Wisconsin’s faculty, staff, and curriculum. The Wisconsin School of Business presents strong core values and those are reflected in every aspect of the program. I wanted an MBA program that not only gave me the skills I needed, but also aligned with my beliefs, and the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program works for me academically, professionally, and personally.

My Wisconsin MBA allows me to reposition myself to make a greater impact in the community. I have new skills and a refined outlook on management principles to do the kind of work that energizes me and make a real difference in people’s lives. My current role involves collaborating with statewide healthcare organizations to expand medical training opportunities for new physicians in rural Wisconsin communities. I’ve become a stronger, more strategic leader in this role since starting my MBA.

At Wisconsin, you hear about real-world challenges from real-world experts. For instance, my Macroeconomics class had representatives come from the Federal Reserve System to give lectures and discuss current economic issues. Having the opportunity to hear from them and ask questions was invaluable because of their incredible expertise.

The Wisconsin School of Business and UW connect you to an outstanding network—both locally and globally. Due to the people in the program, I have a sense of belonging in Madison. Having moved here recently, the School has provided me with a community of people who understand my career and life goals. Additionally, the Wisconsin School of Business has given me the ability to reach out to alumni all over the world, and the skills to make a broad impact within my field.

The career services staff helped me identify areas of importance and where I should focus my energy. They helped me revise my resume and connect with job opportunities, but they really do more than that. They’re helping me develop my career, search for new roles, and make the most of my skills and training.