Katie Sweeney

Katie Sweeney

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Communication Supervisor, UW Health

Katie wanted to advance her career, make connections with talented people, and challenge herself to learn more. As a health care administrator, Katie wanted to understand how her industry functioned from a business perspective. Immersed in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, she is seeing opportunities open up for her future as she continually improves her skill set and business acumen.

Before starting my MBA, I was missing the financial and analytical side of the health care industry. Learning more about the business of health care is giving me the tools I need to move into more complex roles and take on more responsibility.

The program complements my career on a daily basis. The curriculum is designed for professionals to achieve career success. You get tools to think more critically, learn lessons on how to work more strategically, and study in an environment where you’re constantly networking with high quality professionals.

I gained so much from our health care elective course, I’ve been able to apply the ideas and concepts every day at work. It’s given me that step beyond what I knew already or what I’m working to improve daily. Though it’s been a lot of work, I’m anxious to learn more.

Collaborating with peer professionals is a key benefit of the program. We experience every assignment and course together and each of us brings our own different skills, strengths, and resources to the table. This type of team-based learning is incredibly valuable since it mirrors real workplace collaborations.

I’m making lifelong connections that are valuable personally and professionally. I love learning about the experiences and challenges that my peers are facing in their professional lives. This has given me insights into how I may be able to approach similar situations I’m facing. Being immersed in this learning environment is really eye opening and teaches me a lot even outside of the curriculum.

Enrolling at Wisconsin was an easy decision after weighing all of my options. I visited a class before applying and was impressed with the curriculum and how engaged the students were with the faculty. I knew then that the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program was the right fit for me. I look forward to continuing my education and bringing more insights back to my everyday work.