Lauren Pedracine


Lauren Pedracine

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Loyalty Coordinator at Kohl’s

Lauren made two major career moves at Kohl’s since beginning the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program. First, she was promoted from purchasing agent to senior purchasing agent, and then she moved into marketing, joining the Yes2You Rewards team. Lauren is taking advantage of her new MBA skills and is building a career as a competitive business leader.

The Wisconsin Evening MBA career management team helped me craft a 5-year career plan and land my dream job. They’ve supported me so much, helping me transition from procurement to marketing and working with me to advance my career. They strategized with me on my résumé and helped me hone in on my ultimate goals.

I wanted to fast-track my career right away so I did not want to put off getting my MBA any longer. I felt I needed to improve my skills to be able to move up professionally and earn more. I’m now gaining knowledge about each field of business to make myself more competitive for high level jobs. My Wisconsin MBA is helping me progress in my career more quickly than I otherwise would have.

I have had fantastic experiences with my classmates. We all come from very different backgrounds and have very different strengths, which is extremely beneficial for group projects. I am taking advantage of the complimentary coach bus from Milwaukee and it has been a great experience. I know all of the other students who ride the bus on a very personal level because we spend extra time together each week.

Having attended the Wisconsin School of Business for undergrad, I knew that commuting from Milwaukee twice a week would be worth it. I chose WSB over schools in Milwaukee, because I knew I could trust that the education at UW–Madison would really be worth the investment.

I am more confident in myself and my contributions at work. I am able to implement the valuable insights I learn in school to my work. I can see the immediate benefits on my department at Kohl’s. The Marketing Management course with Professor Page Moreau was an especially helpful class for my new role. Professor Moreau inspired our class to think outside of the box through non-traditional course and group work.