Christopher Boucher

Christopher Boucher

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Product Strategy Manager-IoT and Connected Products, Eaton

The high-level jobs that I am interested in require an MBA. The Wisconsin School of Business was the best place for me to earn the credentials I needed and prepare for my future as a skilled business leader. With the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program I earned a prestigious degree while continuing to work. I have also always been interested in entrepreneurship and my MBA gave me the skills to someday start my own business.

Wisconsin’s career services team helped me prepare for my job search and ultimately advance to a new career path. The team helped me create an effective résumé that portrays value to my potential employers. Going forward, I am able to critically think about my portfolio of skills and chart the best course for my career.

The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program has a strong global focus. We spent a lot of time discussing global business issues in the classroom. We also traveled to Vietnam and worked with companies to solve real issues they were facing. Being able to learn how business functions within other cultures is incredibly beneficial, and I look forward to gaining more exposure and experience with worldwide companies.

I am able to critically think about my portfolio of skills and chart the best course for my career.

—Christopher Boucher (MBA ’18)

The finance and marketing classes helped me develop skills that I would have not acquired otherwise. I’m viewing professional situations differently than I used to, and I’m better able to understand the viewpoints of all those involved.

Through the program, I developed long-lasting relationships with my classmates. In the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, you spend each year with the same group of students, and you learn and grow together. While other schools allow you to go at your own pace, Wisconsin’s program ensures that you are part of a greater community, where professionals from different industries come together to grow their careers through collaboration and challenging one another.