Erika Spoden

Erika Spoden

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Strategic Pricing Planner, Kohl’s

I chose the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program because of the school ranking, global learning experience, and complimentary coach bus from Milwaukee to Madison. I wanted a prestigious university that would help me expand my professional opportunities and learn about business from an international perspective. The ability to have a relaxed commute was then a huge bonus. After researching local MBA programs, I ended up only applying to UW–Madison.

Moving up in my company will involve me becoming a manager, and I want to prepare for this next step. I’m earning my MBA to be better prepared as a manager and leader. Through the program, I have also realized that I belong in an analytical role. I have enjoyed the analytical classes such as macroeconomics and accounting.

UW–Madison’s expert faculty work well with students. Faculty encourage us to share our own experiences, which helps everyone learn. They are dedicated to helping any student that needs guidance. Each student additionally brings a wide range of knowledge to the discussions. This helps turn critical concepts into practical examples, which you can apply to your own work.

Learning from guest speakers, like economists from the Federal Reserve, is a major benefit of the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program. The speakers provided invaluable insights into what is going on in our economy and how it impacts American businesses. This unique opportunity to learn from industry experts connected lessons from the class to the real world.

I have gained skills to calculate financial equations, read income statements, and decipher cases about large companies. These have helped me be prepared for my current role as it relates to marketing, economics, and finance. I have also improved my essential business skills in communication and leadership, and have seen a big improvement in my ability to present in front of a room.

The network and friendships are something that cannot be replaced. So much of business is about leveraging connections, and I have connected with a great group of people in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program. It also gives me people to reach out to for perspectives outside of my current company.