Jim Blank

Jim Blank

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: General Manager, Viking Electric

Jim wanted to advance within his company Viking Electric, but needed management skills to reach his goal. He joined the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program and now leads a branch. Learning from top faculty, honing his business acumen, and connecting with peer professionals, Jim earned his promotion, getting the opportunity to oversee sales and operations at Viking Electric’s Sheboygan location.

The program exposed me to areas of business where I didn’t previously have understanding. Organizational Behavior was a particularly beneficial class that taught me the different ways companies operate. Gaining new insights in the classroom has directly led to increased performance for me at work.

I’ve added skills that have prepared me for my new role as a General Manager. I’ve expanded my knowledge and understanding of finance, corporate strategy, and management techniques which I’ve been applying to my daily work since beginning the program. Having world-renowned faculty lead your classes makes you a truly skilled and capable leader.

I knew that the sooner I joined the Wisconsin Evening MBA program, the faster I could benefit from the opportunities that increased skills would give me. And I was right! There will never be a better time to earn your MBA.

Hearing how others were applying classroom learnings helped me to have a different level of understanding of the curriculum. Students in the program come from different industries and roles, so hearing their perspectives and learning has had a positive impact on my growth. We are also a very collaborative program, which helps facilitate an open and comfortable learning environment. I’ve built deep, long lasting relationships with my classmates that will continue to help me personally and professionally.

The program staff helped me with my résumé, interviewing skills, and overall career planning. There are always staff available to answer questions about the program. If they don’t have an answer immediately, they find it for you. They are always advocating on our behalf.

This is an amazing program with people in place dedicated to helping you succeed. You will be a Business Badger all of your life, taking with you a network of alumni that spans the globe.