Romel Santini

Romel Santini

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2019
Current Job: Materials and Clinical Equipment Manager, UW Health

When I joined UW Health after retiring from the military, I was behind my civilian counterparts in terms of business skills and knowledge. With the full support of hospital leadership and a little push from fellow Business Badgers, I was ready to earn my MBA and gain the business acumen I was missing.

When I started my MBA I had just moved my family from the other side of the world and had barely established myself in my new job. There is never a perfect time to start your MBA. I was in a period of great change, but I had supportive people around me who helped me make the decision to pursue my education.

My performance has improved, and I’ve removed a lot of barriers and uncertainties due to my new skills.

—Romel Santini

The program creates strong bonds between professionals. I enjoy learning from the experiences of others as well as sharing my own with the group. I feel more at ease and appreciate the continuity provided by the group-learning structure that this program offers. It’s very important for me to be able to work in small teams not only because it emulates my job’s framework, but because I find it instrumental to how I learn.

I’ve greatly improved my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Every course provides an opportunity to build your skills and add new strengths. My accounting and economics classes have been particularly beneficial for me, along with lessons on communication. I’ve come to realize how undeniably important being a good communicator is in all aspects of business.

The program is deepening my ability to overcome professional challenges. Our classes closely reflect the situations I face at work. I’m able to engage in class and apply what I’ve learned immediately. My performance has improved, and I’ve removed a lot of barriers and uncertainties due to my new skills.

This program was created for working professionals. Everyone here is managing many responsibilities—personally and professionally. The program administration team and faculty work together to support the students’ needs. This helps me manage my priorities and allow for a conducive learning environment with less stress.