Alyssa Ryanjoy

Alyssa Ryanjoy

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2020

Current Job: Implementation Operations Manager, CUNA Mutual Group

Alyssa Ryanjoy set her sights on a leadership role that would impact her organization’s strategy and direction. She recognized that a Wisconsin Evening MBA was the key to moving her to that goal quickly. Alyssa is applying what she learns in her courses directly to her work. Because her employer sees the value of her contributions, Alyssa has already earned a promotion.

The program is giving me a better understanding of my strengths and development areas as a leader. I’ve also increased my skills in working and leading diverse teams. I take my role as a manager and leader very seriously and given what I’ve learned so far, I know that I’ve chosen the right program to help me achieve my next goals.

Even with six and one year old daughters, increasing demands on my time from my promotion, and a significant amount of time to navigating mobility issues due to muscular dystrophy, I find the program very doable. Program support from faculty and staff makes the workload manageable and family support helps me balance my life. My family celebrates my successes and I share what I am learning with them. I even found myself explaining shareholders’ equity to my oldest daughter one night using the example of a lemonade stand.

The Wisconsin Evening MBA program draws on the professional experiences of the students. The faculty are engaging and encourage students to share their diverse perspectives on the topics we are learning. Discussing real-world challenges my classmates are facing has contributed tremendously to my understanding of the coursework.

My organizational behavior class provided research-based strategies that have transformed my approach to leadership. It can be hard to sort through all the leadership advice available, and you often end up doing what feels right, which might not be most effective. After doing the readings and participating in class discussion I have a long list of improvements that I have been able to apply immediately to my work.

My classmates are very supportive and also really motivating. Everyone is here to learn as much as they can from the faculty and from each other. The program structure is giving me the opportunity to get to know a smaller group really well while also providing opportunities to network more broadly across cohorts. I’ve also been able to meet alumni and students from other programs at WSB. The network that I’m building will be mutually beneficial for years to come.