Our Evening MBA students represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, holding positions such as specialists, analysts, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Many of our students have strong business backgrounds, while others have experience in healthcare, technology, engineering, and more, which creates a robust team-based learning experience. One common thread beyond their industry background is that they all chose the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program to fast-track their careers and increase their earning potential while balancing school, work, and family life.

We invite you to get to know our students and recent graduates highlighted below, and discover the many ways they’re benefitting from this affordable, high-caliber part time MBA program.

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Romel Santini

Gain Skills To Be a Health Care Leader

Romel Santini (MBA '19) is earning his MBA to build on his military experience and move forward as a leader in a transformative health care position. He oversees supply chain management and clinical engineering programs at a brand new state-of-the-art hospital, The American Center.

Katie Sweeney

Add a Business Foundation to Health Care Expertise

Katie Sweeny (MBA ’18) wanted to advance her career, make connections with talented people, and challenge herself to learn more. As a health care administrator, Katie wanted to understand how her industry functioned from a business perspective. Immersed in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, she is seeing opportunities open up for her future as she continually improves her skill set and business acumen.

Kim Bruksch, Evening MBA '18

Build Community Using Business Skills

Kim Bruksch (MBA '18) wanted to change her career path and needed a stronger foundation in business to move forward. She recently relocated to Wisconsin to be close to family and switched industries from education programming to healthcare. Realizing her potential after the launch of a major initiative at her last job, Kim joined the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program to solidify her leadership skills and gain business acumen to make a greater impact at work and in the community.

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