Our Evening MBA students represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, holding positions such as specialists, analysts, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Many of our students have strong business backgrounds, while others have experience in healthcare, technology, engineering, and more, which creates a robust team-based learning experience. One common thread beyond their industry background is that they all chose the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program to fast-track their careers and increase their earning potential while balancing school, work, and family life.

We invite you to get to know our students and recent graduates highlighted below, and discover the many ways they’re benefitting from this affordable, high-caliber part time MBA program.

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Man in vest and protective glasses stands above a warehouse

Learn Finance, Grow Your Network

Karan Bandal (MBA ’20) has a background in manufacturing, lean and six sigma, warehousing, continuous improvement, and operations. He’s earning his MBA to learn management and financial skills.

Renee Rutkowski

Get on the Path to Corporate Leadership

Renee Rutkowski (MBA '20) had always wanted to go back to business school, but it seemed like there was never a right time. She had moved five times for work and made a commitment to herself to earn a Wisconsin MBA when she settled in Madison.

Sam Harvey, Evening MBA '17

Expand Business Knowledge and Become an Entrepreneur

Like many students in the Wisconsin Evening MBA Program, Sam Harvey (MBA '17) comes from a non-business background and found himself needing business knowledge to move into a new role. An industrial engineer by trade with experience in operations, Sam has made two leaps since starting at Wisconsin: He’s earned a promotion at work, moving into product management, and he’s started his own business.

Michael Zeamer

Transition from Engineer to Manager

Michael Zeamer (MBA '18) wanted a broader perspective to expand his career options beyond his highly focused engineering background. The Wisconsin Evening MBA Program equipped him with a broad-based business education in a setting that features collaborative learning, career planning, and networking. Michael is now advancing his career to meet long-term career advancement goals and is applying his classroom learnings to his job.

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