The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program prepares students to succeed in senior-level positions and leadership roles by delivering highly relevant course content in a collaborative setting.

At the Wisconsin School of Business, you will share a premium educational experience with your peers as you move through the curriculum as a cohort, working collaboratively and supporting each other along the way. The program emphasizes class discussions and team projects, drawing on the collective knowledge and experiences in the group.

Enhance Your Strategic Understanding

The curriculum prepares students for strategic business management, providing a broad-based understanding of key business functions and how they integrate in an organizational context. The program also focuses on leadership skills, enabling students to develop their own leadership styles and practices to effectively lead people, teams, and organizations.

The program includes a global learning experience that enhances global competence through in-depth consideration of a particular country’s business challenges and growth potential. A 10-day, in-country visit offers firsthand experience with international business issues.

Two students holding a discussion while using a tablet

Technology Adds Efficiency and Enhances Collaboration

Incoming students receive a 2-in-1 tablet computer that provides easy access to all reference materials needed for the program, including case studies, program schedules, class directories, and textbooks. The portability and convenience of having these class materials in one place contributes to efficient time management.

Communication with team members, classmates, and faculty is streamlined with online collaboration tools in real time. In addition, access to the Internet allows connections for both personal and professional use, and ownership of the computer remains with the student. Training is available to explore the capabilities of the 2-in-1 tablet computer.

A Highly Regarded MBA Program

When you graduate from the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program, you are graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a Master of Business Administration degree. An international reputation for excellence adds value to your MBA degree.


#16 among U.S. public executive MBA programs
—The Economist, 2018

Alba Rosales

“After learning about the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program, I knew that its curriculum and structure were closely aligned with my core values, principles, and educational aspirations. I could tell it would serve as a catalyst to successfully accomplish my short and long-term career goals.”

—Alba Rosales (MBA ’19)
Senior Manager, Tyson Foods Inc.

Academic Resources for Students

Wisconsin Executive MBA students have access to a variety of learning resources that can assist them in an academic environment.

  • Preparatory materials designed to enhance math skills are sent to all new Executive MBA students prior to immersion week.
  • A math review is scheduled for immersion week in August.
  • The case study learning format will be reviewed and demonstrated by a faculty member during immersion week.
  • Tutoring services are available as needed from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Wisconsin School of Business.