Wisconsin Executive MBA classes are taught by faculty members who are both thought leaders and experienced business practitioners. They bring the latest research to the classroom, while their knowledge of current business practices is up to the minute.

By encouraging active classroom discussion, faculty members take every opportunity to incorporate the diverse professional perspectives in the cohort. The result is a challenging and collaborative learning environment for students and faculty alike.

Practitioners and Researchers

Faculty members at the Wisconsin School of Business hold strategic leadership roles for corporations and government agencies, serving as outside consultants, board members, expert witnesses, and policy advisors. They also conduct and publish groundbreaking research that advances business theory and practice. These experiences inform their classroom teaching and add immediacy to the course material.

The curriculum also incorporates practitioners and guest speakers who are selected for their ability to bring fresh insights to the classroom.

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Roger Ervin Sr., MBA

Roger Ervin Sr., MBA

Roger Ervin Sr. has achieved outstanding career success, building his expertise over nearly 30 years in government, academia, and the private sector. He has worked with an array of impressive for-profit and nonprofit organizations and served two U.S. presidential administrations. He brings this rich and inspiring breadth of experience to the classroom.

Mark Fedenia

Mark Fedenia, PhD

Mark Fedenia shares knowledge gained in the finance industry and from 30 years as a Wisconsin School of Business faculty member focused on investment management, wealth management, and financial planning. As the former director of the nationally recognized Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business, he has applied his academic and industry expertise to launch many finance careers, guiding students through management of multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Deb Houden, PhD

Deb Houden is an expert negotiator who teaches negotiation skills and strategies. Houden draws on years of research, teaching, and corporate training in conflict resolution and communication to help organizations.

Alex Stajkovic

Alex Stajkovic, PhD, MA

Sought after by Fortune 500 companies, Alex Stajkovic is a leadership expert who has earned acclaim for his world-renowned research on the role of confidence in professional success and in the workplace.

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