Mark Fedenia

Associate Professor-Finance
Patrick A. Thiele Distinguished Chair in Finance
Areas of Focus: Investments, Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Applying real-world experience to the curriculum

Mark Fedenia shares knowledge gained in the finance industry and from 30 years as a Wisconsin School of Business faculty member focused on investment management, wealth management, and financial planning. As the former director of the nationally recognized Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business, he has applied his academic and industry expertise to launch many finance careers, guiding students through management of multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Distinctive competence

Fedenia applies years of experience managing portfolios for institutions and high-net-worth individuals to make classroom lessons relevant to each of his students. Students learn portfolio management ideas and techniques they can use to evaluate client as well as personal portfolio and investing approaches to meet long-term objectives.

Leveraging a stellar finance research background

Fedenia’s wide-ranging research interests include studying cultural influence on trading frequency, the effects of competition on bidders’ returns, and the influence of institutional investors’ cultural home bias on international diversification. He has also presented on topics including investment-return basics and hedge funds. Current research interests that he carries into the classroom focus on analyzing the composition of institutional portfolios to identify professional money managers’ expertise and explain their motivations.

Recognizing that learning is a very idiosyncratic process, I employ a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods to provide every student an opportunity to master the material.
—Mark Fedenia, Associate Professor—Finance
Patrick A. Thiele Distinguished Chair in Finance

Active learning

Fedenia embraces active-learning to bring premium learning experiences to the classroom that integrate cutting-edge academic research and current models to add depth to investment topics. He believes that in teaching financial concepts, certain nontraditional teaching methods are more effective at preparing students to manage the complex issues they will face constructing portfolios and evaluating securities in today’s dynamic investment markets. For example, Fedenia has students work in teams for which they select a leader to help facilitate the learning.

Educational background

Fedenia received his PhD in finance from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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