At the Wisconsin School of Business, a shared sense of purpose unites our community of MBA students, faculty, alumni, and other business leaders. We inspire each other to be forward-thinking, to learn, and to have a positive impact on the organizations we lead or manage.

As a Wisconsin Executive MBA student, you will benefit from being a part of this extraordinary community. Our students are achievement-oriented individuals who are eager to take on challenges both inside and outside the classroom; at the same time, they are eager to share resources and support each other’s success. This creates a climate conducive to learning and building a lifelong network.

Teamwork and Collaboration

In our collaborative learning environment, teams are formed to make learning more personal and impactful. Team members engage in intensive academic work and case studies, building relationships in the process. Teams are re-formed annually to foster new relationships and generate new approaches to business problems.

Classroom interaction and other shared experiences provide opportunities to benefit from the diverse experiences and viewpoints within each cohort. Students also connect with peers across both Executive MBA cohorts during lunch breaks and at scheduled workshops.

An Extensive Professional Network

The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program also engages students in the learning community through networking opportunities, including scheduled events and informal interactions on campus. You can meet (and find common ground with) MBA students from all Wisconsin programs, alumni, guest speakers, and other industry leaders.

Connect with a Peer Advisor

As an incoming Executive MBA student, you may choose to participate in our peer advising program, which pairs you with a second-year student. The peer advisor relationship provides an opportunity to ask questions and learn about strategies for successful participation in the program. The one-on-one relationship with an Executive MBA peer advisor can help you get the maximum benefit from your MBA experience, and may lead to a lasting friendship.

Frederica Schuster

“I gained so much from the teamwork and collaboration of the program’s cohort approach. I was able to learn alongside people from many different industries and hear their varied perspectives. It was fascinating, impressive, and challenging to be in a cohort of different executive-level professionals. My classmates were wonderful about sharing their expertise.”

—Frederica Schuster, DDS
(MBA ’18)

Dentist, Midwest Dental