The Wisconsin Executive MBA degree is designed for senior and mid-level executives who wish to deepen their strategic leadership skills and enhance their global business preparedness in a cohort-based, collaborative learning environment.

While the target experience level is eight years of professional experience, the average for a typical cohort is 16 years, including an average of 13 years in leadership positions. Some students bring 20–30 years of professional experience to the program.

Executives find that getting an MBA degree maximizes their financial return over time, while improving performance results in their current roles.

For complete application requirements, see How to Apply.

A Cohort-Based Approach

Admissions decisions are also made with the goal of building a strong, diverse cohort group for every entering class. This elevates the quality of the collective learning experience in the classroom and team projects. By learning and collaborating with other executives from diverse backgrounds, you’ll build a lifelong network of professionals you can rely on throughout your career.

In evaluating each applicant both as an individual and as a cohort member, we conduct a holistic review that considers many factors—including personal and professional achievements, motivation, leadership, diversity, international experience, and industry representation.

Plan Now and Participate Fully

Each cohort enters the program, progresses through the curriculum, and graduates together. This provides a team-based MBA experience that takes full advantage of the diverse professional backgrounds in the group and builds strong networks.

To help you plan for full participation in the program, we publish a sample academic calendar that includes the dates for an immersion week in August of your first year, regular classes, the 10-day international trip, and graduation. Calendar information for both academic years is made available well in advance, enabling you to schedule your other professional and personal commitments.

How to Learn More

We invite you to visit us, attend a networking event, participate in an online chat session, or hear from current students in one of our information sessions on campus or on the road.

If you have any questions, please check our Admissions FAQs or contact a program representative for personal assistance. We'll be happy to help you determine how the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program can support your career goals.

Important Dates

September: Applications for the Executive MBA open on September 1, 2018.

November–July: The admissions committee will review completed applications on the following dates:

  • June 17, 2019
  • July 1, 2019
  • July 15, 2019

After July 15, 2019 we consider applications on a rolling admissions basis until the cohorts are filled.

Decisions: An admissions decision is made on each completed application within six weeks of the monthly deadline (see above) by which it is received.

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The Economist, 2018