In our cohort-based format, Wisconsin Executive MBA students form enduring professional connections and authentic friendships.

Wisconsin Executive MBA students come from wide-ranging industries. Almost half of students are in executive leadership positions when they enter the program. Others are managers and leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals in fields such as health care. 

The Consortium- since 1966

Committed to Diversity

The Wisconsin School of Business believes that a diverse and inclusive community creates an enriching experience for students, faculty, and alumni, providing many opportunities to experience different perspectives and learn from each other.

The School was one of the first in the nation to recognize the business case for diversity in MBA education. The University of Wisconsin–Madison was one of three founding members of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a non-profit organization founded in 1966 to promote diversity in education and business.

Forte- more women leading

Forté Sponsor School

Forté supports women in MBA programs by providing educational opportunities, networking and mentoring events, as well as professional conferences.

Incoming Wisconsin MBA women may participate in Forté events such as the MBA Women’s Leadership Conference and MBA Financial Services FAST Track. Wisconsin MBA students have further opportunities to explore professional development through webinars and gain access to the Forté Job Center.

Alicia Keyser

“The experiences of my peers are so diverse. They’ve opened my eyes to new perspectives because of their wide-ranging industries, roles, and cultural backgrounds. They are always teaching me new things and reshaping the way I view my role in HR. I see the network I am building in the program as a diverse group of advisors, potential talent I may be able to recruit, and some great friends.”

—Alicia Kiser (MBA ’19)

woman speaking in front of audience

Join an Influential Alumni Network

Lifelong access to a strong alumni network is one of the most valuable benefits of a Wisconsin MBA. Business Badgers are widely recognized for their steadfast support of each other, and they will share business opportunities and professional connections without hesitation. When you graduate, you become part of this tight-knit network of more than 44,000+ Business Badgers worldwide.

Lecturer on stage in front of seated audience

Gain Insights from Business Leaders

In the M. Keith Weikel MBA Leadership Speaker Series, notable business executives and other thought leaders come to the Wisconsin School of Business to share their experiences and insights. The WSB community comes together for these events, which facilitate networking among MBA students from all Wisconsin programs, alumni, industry leaders, and the guest speakers themselves.

two women with coffee, one speaking as the other takes notes

Connect with a Peer Advisor

As an incoming Wisconsin Executive MBA student, you may choose to participate in our peer advising program, which pairs you with a second-year student. The peer advisor relationship provides an opportunity to ask questions and learn about strategies for successful participation in the program. The one-on-one relationship with an Executive MBA peer advisor can help you get the maximum benefit from your MBA experience, and may lead to a lasting friendship.

Camaraderie Beyond the Classroom

Executive MBA students who travel some distance often stay in Madison on Friday nights to work on team projects with their classmates or prepare for the next day’s class. These students—along with their Madison-based classmates—get together on Friday nights at the Memorial Union Terrace, Smitty’s Study Pub in the Fluno Center, or other Madison attractions.

Executive MBA students have access to the same UW–Madison resources as any other student, including use of the recreation center, free bus passes, tickets to sporting events at student prices, and much more.

students standing together outside
Roger Ervin

“The collaboration with my fellow students while I was in the program—and the network I have built since —includes not only my class, but also the classes that were before me and after me in our alumni network. Several times a year, I reach out to people who were in the program with me or who I have a relationship with through the alumni network. These are people I can contact to engage them in business, seek advice, or simply share experiences outside of work. The networking opportunities really do make a difference in how successful you are with your MBA.”

—Roger Ervin (MBA '09)

Connect with a Student Ambassador

Interested in speaking with a current Executive MBA student before you apply to the program? Reach out to one of Executive MBA Student Ambassadors to learn about their MBA experience and career progression.

Hear from Students and Recent Graduates

Brock Hensen in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol

Grow Your Expertise to Lead a Startup

March 20, 2020

Brock Hensen (MBA ’21) started his career at Epic, bringing transformative technology to health care. Now he’s the COO of an early stage digital health startup. He joined the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program to connect with fellow executives and gain strategic knowledge to help grow his company.

Jen Torbeck sitting in a chair at her job.

Complement Your Skills, Expand Your Corporate Impact

January 24, 2020

Jen Torbeck (MBA ’20) is a lawyer working in compliance and risk management. A lifelong learner, Jen is earning an executive MBA to expand her professional options and allow her to rise to an executive leadership level where she can make a big impact on organizations’ success.

Badri Lankella standing in the Learning Commons

Run a Business, Run for Office

January 23, 2020

Badri Lankella (MBA '19) has operated his own business for 12 years and has over 20 years of computer engineering experience. He was looking for new business ventures and wanted to expand his horizons as a leader.