Wisconsin School of Business Executive MBA students are a diverse group of experienced professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who are focused on career advancement, professional growth, and increasing their earning potential.

Nearly half are in executive leadership positions when they enroll, representing a broad range of professions, such as manufacturing, finance, engineering, technology, healthcare, and more. While no two are alike, each student brings unique perspectives and specialized knowledge to the classroom.

By exploring the backgrounds of students and recent graduates featured below, you will understand why so many seasoned business executives choose the Executive MBA at UW–Madison to transform their careers.

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Joe Koruth

From Engineer to Business Leader

Joe Koruth (MBA '18) is a proven leader with diverse industry experience who aims to grow his company globally. In order to reach the next level within his company, Joe enrolled in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program. He’s now enhancing his talents, applying new leadership techniques, and gaining a greater understanding of the cultural, economic, and financial forces that drive the global marketplace.

Ícaro dos Santos

Executive Acumen for an Established Engineer

Armed with a Ph.D. in engineering, Ícaro dos Santos (MBA '17) has spent his career working on projects that make a difference in the world. From improving medical technology in Brazil to launching equipment for the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System, Ícaro had a wealth of experiences that set him up for success as the Chief Research Officer for Astus Medical Technology. Ícaro chose the Wisconsin MBA so he could gain the strategic business skills needed to launch a new office for his company.

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