In our cohort-based format, Wisconsin Executive MBA students form enduring professional connections and authentic friendships. The individuals you study with—and the other business leaders you will meet in this program—will become valued assets to you and your organization.

Wisconsin Executive MBA students come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including manufacturing, finance, engineering, healthcare, technology, government, nonprofit organizations, and more. Almost half of these students are in executive leadership positions when they enter the program. Others are managers and leaders at their organizations, entrepreneurs, or professionals in fields such as healthcare. Each student brings a unique perspective and industry-specific knowledge to the program.

Geographic diversity also enhances each student’s professional network. The program provides an opportunity to get to know individuals who live and work in the greater Madison area, metro Milwaukee, greater Chicagoland, Minneapolis, the Fox Valley, and other locations.

Connect with Business Leaders

In the M. Keith Weikel MBA Leadership Speaker Series, notable business executives and other thought leaders come to the Wisconsin School of Business to share their experiences and insights. These speakers have faced a variety of business challenges and are eager to share what they’ve learned. The entire Wisconsin School of Business community comes together for these events, which facilitate networking among MBA students from all Wisconsin programs, alumni, industry leaders, and the guest speakers themselves. Wisconsin Executive MBA students are encouraged to attend and bring spouses, partners, or other guests.

Forté Sponsor School

Forté provides support for women at all stages of their careers to enhance their business acumen. Forté strives to increase the number of women applying to and enrolling in MBA programs by providing educational opportunities, networking and mentoring events, as well as professional conferences.

Incoming Wisconsin MBA women may participate in Forté events such as the MBA Women’s Leadership Conference and MBA Financial Services FAST Track. All Wisconsin MBA students should explore professional development opportunities through webinar topics on leadership, communications skills, and personal finance, as well as career exploration and opportunities through the Forté Job Center. We encourage our students to explore the Forté resources and opportunities available to them.

Join an Influential Alumni Network

Lifelong access to a strong alumni network is one of the most valuable benefits of a Wisconsin MBA. Business Badgers are widely recognized for their steadfast support of each other, and they will share business opportunities and professional connections without hesitation. Our alumni feel an enduring connection to the Wisconsin School of Business and are committed to moving forward together. When you graduate, you become part of this tight-knit network of more than 41,800 Business Badgers worldwide.

Roger Ervin

“The collaboration with my fellow students while I was in the program—and the network I have built since —includes not only my class, but also the classes that were before me and after me in our alumni network. Several times a year, I reach out to people who were in the program with me or who I have a relationship with through the alumni network. These are people I can contact to engage them in business, seek advice, or simply share experiences outside of work. The networking opportunities really do make a difference in how successful you are with your MBA.”

—Roger Ervin
President and CEO, International Relief and Development