The Wisconsin School of Business is deeply committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive learning community. This creates an enriching experience for students, faculty, and alumni, who learn from each other’s differing perspectives—and as a result, broaden their own.

The School was one of the first in the nation to recognize the business case for diversity in MBA education. The University of Wisconsin–Madison was one of three founding members of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a non-profit organization founded in 1956 to promote diversity in education and business.

The Wisconsin School of Business brings together students, faculty, staff, and alumni from around the globe. In our highly collaborative learning environment, students gain experience in working with diverse teams that is immediately applicable in the workplace.

A Commitment to Inclusion

Inclusion is a value that is fostered across the entire learning community at the Wisconsin School of Business. To help extend the culture of inclusion to all, the School schedules guest speakers with a diversity focus, as well as regular workshops for faculty and staff. As a community, we learn together to challenge our assumptions and expand our world view.

Binnu Hill

“Diversity is very much a lived value in our School. Through ongoing cultural competence programming, we invest in our students, faculty, and staff to grow personally and professionally by becoming more aware of their own value systems and biases, and to learn to appreciate others’ experiences that are different from their own. These skills are integral to leadership and professional success.”

—Binnu Hill, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Wisconsin School of Business