Guilherme Bornholdt

Guilherme Bornholdt

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Joinville Area, Brazil

Current Job: Finance and Administrative Manager, Tigre USA Pipe and Fittings

After spending 11 years growing his career, Guilherme found himself at a crossroads. He was looking to reach his full potential as a manager and move toward the top management level at his company. He earned his Wisconsin Executive MBA to make this happen, using his classroom insights to instigate positive change within his team at work.

I chose Wisconsin because I expect the best possible results from my career. The Executive MBA Program was a great fit because it allowed me to leverage the experience I had already gained in the workplace. There’s no GMAT requirement, and I got to learn alongside other professionals also striving for executive leadership positions.

To lead at the highest level, it’s extremely important to have an MBA. I’m in mid‑level management, and at my current organization, there’s only one more step up that I can make. I expect to reach the C‑suite, and having an MBA really seems like a mandatory requirement.

Earning an MBA is a big commitment, and I knew I’d need to learn to balance my schedule. I had great support from my employer, who allowed me to leave the office on Fridays, and from my wife. She joined me in Madison for a class weekend, and we were able to spend some time together after my day of classes. We stayed at the Fluno Center, which provides excellent accommodations for students coming from out of town.

I was surprised to discover that what I learned each weekend really was applied at work right away. Every Monday, I start new discussions with my colleagues. At Wisconsin, we don’t study a lot of theory. We learn real principles to use in our organizations immediately.

I’ve seen the value of the Executive MBA Program. The knowledge I have gained at the Wisconsin School of Business helped me increase the caliber of my daily work activities, and I know it will definitely will help me reach my ultimate career goals.

If you’re thinking about reaching the C-suite one day, don’t wait to get your MBA. You’ll start learning the skills you need right away and can keep your career moving forward.