Kristie Pulvermacher

Kristie Pulvermacher

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2016

Current Job: Director, International and U.S. Business Attraction/Development, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; Madison, Wisconsin

Kristie Pulvermacher pursued an executive MBA to reach new levels of responsibility in her career. After nearly two decades in the work force, first in sales and then in corporate development for both the private sector and state government, Kristie earned an executive MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business. Her degree has given her tools to lead high-functioning teams and has opened career paths that were not available to her previously.

I chose the Wisconsin School of Business for its reputation for excellent faculty and a strong curriculum. I discovered the program is very much about serving the students and making it the best possible experience. The overall feel of the school is very positive and forward thinking—exactly where I wanted to be. The in-person, team-based format provides tools to cultivate efficient and productive teams, which is crucial in today's cross-functional workplaces.

Learning alongside accomplished, high-achieving executive peers added so much depth to the MBA experience. We had all of our classes together, with a lot of collaboration, which helped develop strong relationships. Everything we did was within a comfortable environment for sharing knowledge, asking questions, and solving problems.

The Wisconsin Executive MBA program is very doable no matter what demands you may have on your time. I especially encourage women to take part in the Executive MBA program. You learn how to manage your time efficiently and can get the support you need. It's a transformative experience. Your career, professional network, confidence, skills, and life will catapult to a new level as a result of this MBA program.

I was immediately able to apply things I was learning in class to my work. Everything from financial lessons to team-building strategies was immediately applicable. The in-person, team-based format of the program provided tools and coaching to cultivate an efficient and productive team—which is crucial in today's cross-functional workplaces. Those essential skills helped get me the expanded leadership role I am in today.