The MBA Career Management Center at the Wisconsin School of Business provides a full range of services, giving you the tools for success. We are dedicated to helping each student land the internship and full-time position that are the best fit for them. At the same time, we help you develop the personal and professional skills that will enable you to manage your career throughout a lifetime.

Career management programming is delivered in a strategic sequence that readies you for each stage of the journey. You are expected to meet with your career coach at regular intervals. In addition, you will have easy access to the professionals in our Career Management Center, who are available to consult with you on any aspect of your job search and career planning—even beyond graduation.

The Right Career Support at the Right Time


In the summer prior to arriving on campus, you will participate in Jump Start. This is a set of online modules and assignments designed to give you foundational skills and a running start on your career. You will also start working with a Wisconsin MBA Program career coach.

  • Learn about personal branding
  • Brush up on your interviewing skills
  • Complete a self-assessment of your strengths, preferences, and work style
  • Update and enhance your résumé

MBA Orientation

The week-long orientation, known as “The MBA Experience,” includes a number of sessions and exercises designed to equip you with career management skills.

  • Participate in self-assessment exercises and discussions
  • Explore the fundamental building blocks of successful networking
  • Participate in career preparation activities with your chosen specialization

First Year

In the first year of your MBA program, you will focus on landing and preparing for success in a summer internship. The summer internship is an opportunity to experience your chosen field firsthand and build a professional network. Many summer internships lead to full-time job offers after graduation.

Different career fields are on different cycles for their recruitment and hiring activities. We customize our services to the unique demands of each career specialization, ensuring that you are ready to meet with prospective employers when they are ready to meet with you.

  • Work with your career coach to create and implement a career vision
  • Engage in mock interviews, first with second-year MBA students, and then with alumni or corporate partners
  • Prepare for case-based interviews relevant to your specialization
  • Participate in career-related workshops
  • Sharpen your LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with employers through on-campus recruiting
  • Attend career fairs with support from the professionals in the MBA Career Management Center
  • Network with alumni and other industry professionals with help from the career management team and your career specialization

Second Year

Students who return from their summer internships with job offers in hand will need help evaluating those offers, negotiating salaries, and more. If you have not locked in full-time employment as a result of your internship, we’ll work with you to develop specific job search strategies and connect you with hiring employers and alumni.

  • Explore targeted industries and companies
  • Research companies in depth
  • Develop and implement a job-search plan
  • Attend national career fairs, accompanied by Wisconsin MBA career coaches
  • Evaluate job offers
  • Learn how to negotiate compensation packages
  • Network with alumni and other industry professionals with help from the career management team and your career specialization
Scott Peiser 

“I came in thinking I knew how to interview—until I heard about how the second-year students interviewed. Then I realized how far I had to progress to be successful. The career management team gave me interview guidance through classes, with mock interviews, and simply by making me more comfortable answering essential questions. The skills I gained will help me throughout my career.”

—Scott Peiser, MBA
Consumer Insights Associate Manager, Quaker at PepsiCo

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Gina Jenkins

Gina Jenkins

Interim Director of the MBA Career Management Center

Gina is the interim director of the Career Management Center for the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program, overseeing both student career preparation and employer relations and development. She also serves as a career coach to students throughout the job search process and in their overall career development. Gina provides individualized coaching to students in creating and implementing a career plan, interviewing skills, evaluation of employment offers, compensation negotiation, and more.

Gina began her career in the human resources field. In a former position managing the alumni career services program for the Wisconsin Alumni Association, she discovered her passion for helping individuals create their career visions. At the Wisconsin School of Business, Gina is dedicated to helping future business leaders find meaningful employment after graduation.

Gina holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a master’s degree in counseling from Lakeland University. She earned her Career Development Facilitator’s Certification from the University of Wisconsin training program.

Ilsa Valdez

Ilsa Valdez

Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Ilsa connects Wisconsin MBA students to on-campus recruiters, off-campus opportunities, and career development resources. She is an advocate for students and a resource during the process of interviewing and securing internships and full-time employment opportunities.

Ilsa works to ensure that all full-time MBA on-campus recruiting, corporate information sessions, and off-campus events are productive and positive experiences for employers, alumni, and students.

Ilsa has lived and worked in several countries and U.S. cities. Her multicultural experiences drive her appreciation for building bridges between people. While volunteering for community-building projects on the St. Mary’s University campus, Ilsa discovered that her relationship-building skills can effectively promote the personal and career growth of students.

Ilsa earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Our Lady of the Lake University and an MBA in international business from St. Mary’s University, both in San Antonio, Texas.

Full-Time MBA student speaking with someone

Your Career Team Includes Specialized Support

You and your career coach will work closely with staff in your career specialization, who add their insider perspectives and industry-specific knowledge. The Wisconsin MBA specialization model ensures that you will have access to a valuable network of industry connections. Specialization staff will connect you with Wisconsin School of Business advisory board members, alumni, and other industry leaders who are eager to support your career goals.

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