The Wisconsin MBA at the University of Wisconsin–Madison equips you with a portfolio of skills, experience, and specialized knowledge that will propel your career forward. Employers value the holistic preparation students receive; as a result, Wisconsin MBA graduates are highly recruited by Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized and boutique companies, start-up firms, cultural organizations, and more.

Full-Time Employment Statistics

MBA Class of 2018


of those actively seeking employment received offers within three months of graduation

Base Salary


Average base starting salary


Median starting salary


Average signing bonus


Median bonus

Internship Statistics

MBA Class of 2019


of first-year MBA students who sought internships received offers


Secured an internship offer by March

Internship Compensation


Average monthly salary


Median monthly salary


Average other compensation*

*Other compensation includes relocation, housing, and/or signing bonuses.

Where Wisconsin MBA Graduates Accepted Full-Time Positions

MBA Class of 2018

Chart of Class of 2018 Full Time Placement - see accompanying table for data
Region % of Total Full-Time Positions
Midwest 63%
West 14%
South 8%
Southwest 6%
Mid-Atlantic 5%
Northeast 4%

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