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Equip yourself for a successful career in investment research and portfolio management with the Wisconsin MBA Program in applied security analysis (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business, a CFA Institute University Affiliation Program school. With support from the industry practitioners who make up the Hawk Center for Investment Analysis, you will have the opportunity to manage over $20 million in real assets using the same industry tools you'll use in the workplace. The applied security analysis specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program provides the analytic skill set, asset management experience, and professional support you'll need to grow your career in the investment industry.

When reviewing candidates, we take into account various factors that often lead to students’ success in the program, including prior finance and CFA experience, a passion for finance, excellent quantitative skills, keen insights, and the confidence to defend research and recommendations.

A CFA Institute University Affiliation Program School

The Wisconsin School of Business is a participant in the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, which ensures that our curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is helpful to students preparing for CFA Program exams.

Chris Piel

I believe attending Wisconsin's specialized MBA program and the ASAP classes significantly improved my investing skills—despite entering the program having some investing experience. I was particularly pleased to see the program emphasize both analytical skills and communications skills, as both are required by prospective employers.”

—Chris Piel, MBA
Senior Research Associate, Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.

Manage Real Assets

Manage Real Assets

Wisconsin MBA students in applied security analysis have the unique opportunity to manage close over $20 million of actual stocks and bonds. Under the guidance of an advisory board of investment professionals, teams of students conduct research and maintain complete control over a diverse portfolio of assets. Students gain hands-on familiarity with the modern financial tools industry professionals rely on, such as Bloomberg® Terminals, FactSet® Analytics, and Morningstar® financial data. With direct experience controlling assets, and comprehensive classes in evaluating company business models, risk assessment, and valuation, you'll graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to make an impact.

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The Wisconsin MBA Program in applied security analysis is dedicated to preparing students for investment careers in a wide variety of positions—including financial analysts, fund managers, and portfolio analysts—at leading firms worldwide. With the support of an active alumni network and the resources of the Wisconsin MBA Program, students find placements in full-time positions with major corporations at an average salary over six figures. Jump start your career with a renowned program devoted to helping you find success in your chosen investment field.

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An Established Network

An Established Network

The Wisconsin MBA Program in applied security analysis is supported by alumni and an advisory board composed of experienced investment practitioners from a wide range of financial fields. Throughout the program, board members and alumni interact with students weekly as in-class guest speakers on current topics, as mock interviewers, and as mentors. Every year, students travel to organized alumni events with established industry leaders and visit respected investment firms in New York and Boston to network and discuss the latest trends in financial analysis and investment. Annual subsidized trips to the global CFA Institute Annual Conference in cities such as Frankfurt and Montreal give students in the applied security analysis specialization valuable access to more than 1,500 industry professionals and topical presentations.

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A Specialized Curriculum

The Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in applied security analysis provides an integrated curriculum that combines classes on the analytical tools used by industry professionals with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience managing millions of dollars in actual assets—the capstone to your MBA program. Learn how to apply these tools through comprehensive coursework in general management and investment analysis with a faculty comprised of investment professionals.

As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program partner, the Wisconsin School of Business integrates at least 70 percent of the CFA certification program content into the curriculum. The three-year CFA certification exam program is the standard accreditation of the financial and investment industry, and the applied security specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program will ready you for exam day from your very first semester.

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The Applied Security Analysis Experience

“The specialized model is one of the key differentiators of the Wisconsin MBA. Not only do students benefit from a well-balanced core curriculum, we are also given the opportunity to develop deep expertise in investment research and portfolio management. This opportunity to develop a specialized skill set and apply it through hands-on learning is what led me to the Wisconsin MBA Program.”

—Ashley Ditmarsen, MBA
Research Analyst, Geneva Capital Management

®Chartered Financial Analyst is a trademark owned by CFA Institute. ®Bloomberg is a trademark of Bloomberg Finance L.P. ®FactSet is a registered trademark of FactSet Research Systems Inc. and its affiliates. ®Morningstar is a registered trademark of Morningstar, Inc.

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