The Wisconsin MBA Program in applied security analysis has built a tradition of excellence through an extensive range of hands-on learning opportunities to prepare you for an investment career. Beginning with your first semester, you'll learn from direct contact with leading investment practitioners, use the same analytical tools used by professionals, and control more than $20 million in actual securities. You will learn how to put those investment skills into practice through regular contact with global investment leaders at conferences, networking luncheons, and in the classroom.

Manage Close over $20 Million in Real Assets

In the capstone of the applied security analysis specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program, second-year students manage over $20 million of equities and fixed-income assets. Three teams of second-year MBA students divide portfolios of stocks and bonds. After consulting with an advisory board of experienced practitioners on a strategy to optimize their investments, students have the authority to direct assets into any stocks, bonds, futures, or derivatives in any country they choose. Gain invaluable experience in real-world asset management by creating a well-researched strategy that considers the risks, rates of return, and volatility of your investment decisions.

Learn From Industry Leaders

The first year of the Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in applied security analysis is focused on building the fundamental skills needed for a career in investment. Industry professionals from a wide range of financial specialties will teach you the keys to assessing the quality of corporate business models, weighing risks and opportunities, and applying valuation methodologies to a variety of security holdings. Alumni and successful industry leaders will help you apply what you learn in the classroom to real business decisions. During a recent applied learning session, students presented an action plan for increasing portfolio performance to a practicing fund manager.

Wisconsin MBA students
Wisconsin MBA students in applied security analysis use industry modeling software to complete their coursework.

Practice with Standard Industry Tools

Proficiency in standard industry analytical and financial modeling software is necessary for a career in the modern investment field. Every applied security analysis student is trained to use the same Bloomberg® Terminals, Morningstar® financial data, and FactSet® Analytics that actual investment professionals rely upon. Students are provided access to Wall Street Prep evaluation and financial statement modeling materials, templates, and training, including a two-day Wall Street Prep bootcamp to build the core skill sets required in today's financial markets.

Partner with Global Leaders in Finance

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Program is a series of three exams, providing certification that is a standard in the investment industry. The Wisconsin MBA specialization in applied security analysis, a CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, will ready you for your exams by providing a specialized curriculum and access to additional CFA resources. You will have free access to monthly luncheons held by the local CFA society and opportunities to participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in subsidized trips to the global CFA Institute Annual Conference, which is held at international financial centers such as Frankfurt and Montreal. The experience of learning from financial industry leaders from across the globe, combined with immersive training in industry-standard certifications, will support your path to a career in investment.

Paul Smith, President of the CFA Institute

Paul Smith, president of the CFA Institute, makes a presentation to Wisconsin MBA students, faculty, and staff.

Students in applied security analysis

Students in the applied security analysis specialization present their fund allocation recommendations to industry professionals on the Hawk Center advisory board.

Brandon Jankowski

“The opportunity to manage the portfolios this year has been great. It takes the learning and understanding beyond just individual security selection to understanding the relationships securities have with one another, and how those relationships translate into investment performance. It's a great opportunity to practice risk management and implement portfolio strategies and it takes the learning well beyond what could possibly be learned in a textbook or the CFA curriculum.”

—Brandon Jankowski, MBA
High Yield Corporate Bond Research Analyst, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Andrew Sprunger

“Managing a fixed-income portfolio gave me a real-world perspective on the roles of both a research analyst and portfolio manager. The real-world experiences that students have elevate the applied security analysis program's depth of experience in investment management.”

—Andrew Sprunger, MBA
High Yield Credit Analyst, Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company