Turn your passion for the arts into a strategic career

Combine your passion for arts with business strategy in innovative and resourceful ways. For more than 50 years, the Wisconsin School of Business has offered one of the leading arts administration graduate programs in the United States. The arts administration specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program, delivered through the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, offers high-potential arts and cultural leaders intensive training in business leadership and a broad knowledge of nonprofit cultural management.

A Pathbreaking Program

The arts administration specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program is the only MBA-level arts administration program worldwide founded and based in a business school.

Lindsey Terchin

“The arts, specifically music, have profoundly shaped my life. The Wisconsin MBA Program in arts administration takes that passion and gives it relevance in a business context. The Bolz Center for Arts Administration has allowed me to develop my leadership skills with creativity at the core, a framework that truly differentiates this program from others.”

—Lindsay Terchin, MBA
Software Engineer, Nordstrom

Gain Experience

Engage in Community Leadership

Practical, hands-on learning opportunities are a core aspect of the arts administration specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program. Every student is placed in an applied learning scholarship project with a local arts organization to gain professional experience in community leadership. Participation in symposiums and conferences, as well as site visits with leading cultural institutions, provide opportunities to network with innovative industry experts and learn from their experiences. Strategic consulting projects with local community organizations and nonprofit boards prepare you to affect change as an arts administrator.

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Jump-Start Your Career

The Wisconsin MBA Program in arts administration prepares students for a range of leadership roles in nonprofit, community, and arts organizations. Challenging summer internships help students build their résumés and lead to full-time positions as managing directors, communications officers, and consultants upon graduation. Wisconsin MBA students in arts administration experience a 100 percent placement rate within four months of graduation and earn competitive starting salaries in their new positions. A Wisconsin MBA in arts administration is a comprehensive degree that will equip you to achieve your career goals, both upon graduation and over the long term.

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Build Your Professional Network

The Wisconsin MBA Program in arts administration is supported by an active advisory board that enhances your educational experience and career development. Our board of community leaders and alumni brings a wide variety of experiences in arts and cultural organizations. These influential individuals are highly involved in your career development, providing career advice, professional mentoring, and mock interviews. You'll also have regular opportunities to engage with industry professionals at development workshops, arts recruiting fairs, conferences, and symposia. As a student in the arts administration specialization, you will connect with inspiring leaders who are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.

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A Specialized Curriculum

Prepare to make an impact in the arts community with a master's-level business education combined with specialized preparation for a career in arts administration. From your first semester in the Wisconsin MBA Program in arts administration, you'll find a balance of general management courses and hands-on learning experiences integrated into your curriculum. Second-year strategic consulting projects hone managerial skills by bringing student teams together to analyze the accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, and organizational strategies of arts-related organizations.

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The Arts Administration Experience

“The Wisconsin MBA Program in arts administration prepared me to holistically analyze both nonprofits and social enterprises. The curriculum provided the expertise to identify and make recommendations to philanthropists and business leaders on the opportunities that can best help tackle some of the world’s greatest problems. I am very grateful for the education I received both in and out of the classroom during my time in the Wisconsin MBA Program.”

—Maureen Johannigman, MBA 
Philanthropic Advisor, Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd.

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Arts Administration Specialization Quick Guide

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