An advisory board of alumni and other industry leaders contributes to shaping the arts administration curriculum and supports your career development. Advisory board members organize regular opportunities for networking in the arts community, recruit Wisconsin MBA students, and participate in our annual spring career management seminar. In addition to assisting with mock interviews and professional development workshops, they help arrange site visits with influential alumni across the nation. The advisory board meets on campus three times a year, providing many opportunities for board members to engage in meaningful mentorship with students. Our network of influential leaders in the arts community will enhance your MBA experience and provide connections for a lifetime.

Learn more about our network of professionals below.

Jodi Bexnoska

“My entire professional career has been shaped by the people of the Bolz Center: faculty and staff who expanded my brain, guest lecturers and alumni who supported me, and classmates who became close friends and colleagues. It’s natural that I would give back, both as a board member and donor, to a community that has given me so much. Serving on the advisory board is both an honor and an ongoing way to keep learning; it is the most valuable professional development I could ask for. It is also a privilege to play a mentorship role with current students, who challenge me even as I am able to support them.”

—Jodi Beznoska, MBA
Director of Marketing and Communications, From the Top

Ken Goldman

“It is a privilege to support and mentor students through the Bolz Center. There is no doubt in my mind that experience is the best teacher and sharing what I have learned with future arts administrators and mission-driven executives helps them to avoid mistakes and make better choices. It is deeply satisfying to lend a hand to help someone who was in the same place I was decades before. This act of sharing also makes my own career more meaningful by allowing it to serve as an example and an influence on the next generation. In some ways, I feel that I get as much benefit from supporting and mentoring students as they do!”

—Ken Goldman, MA
Senior Associate Vice President, Presidential Initiatives, Drexel University

Board Members